Passive vs. Aggressive Reviews and Pitches

Here’s something I’ve spoken about before – writing articles for your general readership. Before, I came down firmly on the side of writing in a way that tried to engage your readers as friends and not to try to put fear into them in order to make a sale. After some experience of my own, I now have to say I am wavering towards using a slightly more aggressive selling technique at least when selling into the internet marketing niche – and probably any other niche where the market is predominantly male, 25-50 and tech aware (not expert).

My reasons for this? I’ve had more response when using the fear of loss line – “Only available for 5 days”, than if I just said – “It’s here for a short while. Get it while you can” as the former puts a definite time limit that someone must take action by. The latter is probably a bit wishy-washy in approach and does not instil the fear of loss into a buyer’s mind-set.

Another thing which feels contrary to my personal nature but shows more success is the sort of line that says “You need this” against “This might be useful to you”, even if it’s a non-essential need, a ‘nice to have’ if you like. Making the item appear to be a requirement, a necessity, a game changer seems to put more shopper faith into it than if it is just described as something that might help you do a job easier. The raising of the stakes like this seems to push the thought process towards the ‘gotta have’ mentality, no matter how many times the buyer has been told the same thing before.

Are buyers really that easily led?

I’m sorry to say that in many cases it does appear to be so. We often see ads on TV for different products but which are so similar in message that they could be for any item, so we still seem to fall for it, so as much as it hurts my psyche I’ll be starting to get a bit more aggression into my so far passive writing style. I know it will be difficult for me as I’ve been quite laid back, even in product review articles where I’ve been quite scathing about the product, I’ve always tried to temper it with constructive criticism, or at least what I think is constructive. It may not always be seen that way (and one response I had almost accused me of deliberately trying to destroy the product reputation before it even got one) but after 15 years of seeing these things in the internet marketing niche, I do know what appeals to me and what should appeal to the wider market.

Passive writing as a marketing form does have its place especially for certain niches and target markets and it may be that my written efforts may be better placed if I moved towards those niches, but I like the internet marketing niche and I will just have to adapt my writing techniques to match those who are successful. I only hope I can do it in a convincing enough way and not frighten too many people off.