Product Creation For The Terminally Terrified


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Product Creation For The Terminally Terrified

Product Creation for the Terminally Terrified is an ebook I wrote earlier this year as an introduction to creating your own e-products – books, videos and audios, in a way that made it easy for beginners and novices to understand why they needed their own products and how to go about it and (me being me), how to do it as cheaply as possible. For those of you who might have missed it, its available at and although it does ask for a sign up, you are getting for free, a great introduction to product creation. However, as with all things squeeze page-ish, there is another offer on the download page (the address of which you are sent immediately by email). This offer is for a more advanced product creation course and is an audio series from the master of product creation – Sean Mise.

Now because this course is MP3 audio, you can put it onto your portable player, smartphone or tablet and play it anywhere. There’s no special drivers to load (like with some video courses, especially on portable devices) and the ideas being put over are not the sort that need complex diagrams and mindmaps so beloved of many more visually based mentors. They are based on a series of calls made to Sean’s students so when he answers questions they will be very similar to questions anyone might have especially at the beginner stages.

But that’s not all you get if you buy Sean’s course. The best created products in the world won’t earn a penny unless the world knows about them, so as a bonus item, I’ve included another some ideas on traffic sources. This is a video course and pdf ebook to teach you about getting traffic to your website(s).

So a complete package for you on instant download – Product creation and traffic generation, and it all starts with you putting your name and email address into the squeeze page at There won’t be hourly emails following it up, exhorting you to buy more products – I do about 3 a week as I don’t wish to be intrusive and of course you can unsubscribe whenever you like.

Give the free ebook, Product Creation for the Terminally Terrified a go and when you feel all inspired and want to do more, go back to the download page and have another look at the Page for Sean Mise’s Content Creation Course. The bonus traffic video course is not mentioned in the sales spiel, but is available on the download page for the main course.

Take another look now and start your new year with some new products – created by YOU.