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Our readers often tell us that they appreciate the information we share with them each week, but wonder how exactly we promote our blog articles to generate leads.  After all, that is the purpose of writing blog articles in the first place, beyond just being nice people who like to share.  Generating interest generates leads.  If a company is marketing through articles it is posting to a blog, it is therefore a “success hinge” for what is performed behind the scenes.  Generating a large readership is not an overnight feat, and actively promoting your blog articles starts before the article is even written.  Knowing in advance which outlets the content will be spread across takes some set up effort, which also entails pre-planning.  Setting up accounts with a variety of article directories, social media outlets and groups form the foundation to the marketing via blog articles.  This work is necessary to effectively grow a reader list over time. 

Email and RSS subscribers must find the information worthwhile, and will take time to grow a respectable readers list.  Good things aren’t an overnight occurrence, so be patient and persevere. What is the time honoured saying? Good things come to those who wait.   

The writing part of the process is merely an initial step in making blog posting productive.  Once written, it must be edited for grammar, spelling flow, and be keyword rich. Additionally, back linking your blog article to well-respected sites is critical, and research and self-promotion is a must-do.  You’ll need to actively promote your blog articles using a series of steps once the piece is perfected and ready for publishing. 

Start Promoting!

Link the new article to several (the more the merrier) article directories (sharing sites) such as  There are literally hundreds of sites, and for a list of the top dozen or so that we use routinely, just drop me a line for a complete list that serve us well.  

Regardless of on which platform your website is built, it should contain a sitemap.  WordPress offers several plugins that produces an XML update.  What this means is that once you tell it to update and hit publish, Google receives a notice that new content has been published, and their “spiders” can easily locate it.  The XML Sitemap tool tells the search engines of your site’s directory structure, what content resides, and communicates to it when new content is added. 

Your readers may find the article of interest enough to want to share it with their friends and associates’, so having share buttons of the most popular social networks only makes sense.  Here is short list of some of the buttons your blog post should offer.

Be the first to Like your post.  Although this doesn’t update your active feed, it will add to your personal profile.  Make sure you have a Facebook share button so that your readers can Like your post and add it to their feed too.  Facebook offers groups, so make sure you are not only active on groups that share a common interest, find some that cover your topic and post to them as well. 

Use Twitter in a variety of ways.  First tweet the title of your new blog article, and then mix it up with a few alternative titles or tips about the topic throughout the day to catch those that may not be active at the time of original tweeting.

LinkedIn is a great placement for articles, especially if you have a following and belong to groups.  There are more than 50,000 groups in which to join and be active, so don’t discount LinkedIn under any circumstances.  If your article has anything to do with business, there is likely a group or two that would have interest in your article. And keep on the lookout for other posts where you can share past articles in response.

Google + is a great outlet for sharing your latest article of interest.  Simply provide some additional commentary to the already loaded topic, title and description, so sharing on this medium is easy.  There are also Google communities that you can join, and although it isn’t an automatic, you have the ability to share with these groups one at a time. 

Pinterest has come out of nowhere to become one of the most utilized social media outlets, especially for retail sales.  However, don’t discount it if you don’t sell shoes, having an active presence on this medium will serve you well.  Showcase your latest content with a visually attractive header and it can work nicely for any business.  Your Pinterest Boards can be set up to focus on portions of your topic listings, so don’t minimize its value to your business marketing efforts.

The “Sure Six” are just the beginning, so pay attention to MySpace, Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious as well.  These are lesser used than the others but can prove to be quite valuable when sharing new content.   With more than 500 social media networks across the globe, with new ones appearing daily, you can make sharing your content a full time effort.  Others of which to take note are Reddit, Diigo, Bebo, Orkut and a load of others.  This tier of outlets shouldn’t be avoided just because you may not have heard of them; your leads can come from anywhere it you let them.

Make certain to offer an email share button so that your readers have the ability to email a copy to their own mailbox for future reference, but to share with others specifically in their private email listings. 

Let’s not forget mobile marketing.  Your marketing would be remiss if it failed to include mobile.  Short Message Service (text messaging) is another valuable vehicle to get the word out.  Make sure you pay close attention to the rules and make certain others have opted in and honour any requests to opt out in a timely manner.  Teaser texts highlighting your new content can have a link within it to direct the recipient to your site and article. 

This is by no means the complete process we at Zen Marketing use to promote our blog articles, but it is enough for you to dramatically improve your lead generation efforts. 

Throughout our blog we have other important articles detailing tactics for the promotion of content.  And in the near future we will also cover how to write and handle press releases and why they are so vital to promoting your business, using micro blog sites to help further spread the word, how to share it with the world on something called and also how to curate other’s to help shore up your own efforts as well.  We will also cover how to use specific software to aid in the process, how to create tweets specifically designed for re-tweeting by others, and a bunch more.  Stay tuned.


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