PushButton SEO Plugin Review

PushButton SEO Plugin Review

Any of you who run your own WordPress blog will know that there is so much to consider when you’re writing your posts. Is the word count high enough, where can I get some related pictures and videos, have I done enough meta bits and bobs – In other words, is there enough SEO on the page to get and retain search engine interest.

My first response to that sort of thing is usually – “Write for people and let the search engines take it from there”, but there are still some things you can do, that are not necessarily ‘people’ things, but will make a difference if grabbing SE rankings is part of your marketing plan. (It’s not part of mine, but I consider this tool vital anyway).

PushButton SEO

Optimizer Tab

PushButton SEO is a WordPress plugin that at least reminds you how much of the above can be done, and does its best to help you do it too. It’s default purpose is to analyse your post and let you know where your SEO deficiencies are. Whether you have a good permalink, if the Meta Title & Description are adequate, are you using Headings enough and do you have enough internal and external links. PushButton SEO will also give you some suggestions as to other improvements you can make – adding pictures and appropriate ALT tags, embedding videos and will critique the length of your article as well. Most of this is ‘eyeball and habit’ stuff but it’s still useful to have this as a reminder for you.

Links Tab

But PushButton SEO doesn’t stop there. By clicking on the LINKS tab in the widget box you then get the option to seek out and add internal and external links to a keyword of your choice. Normally this would be the long tail keyword you are optimizing your page for, so you are getting related links, relevant to your article. The SEO juice is now building up nicely.

Content Tab

Another part of SEO is how long your visitors stay on your page and getting them to stay longer is not just the provenance of how many words you’ve written but also what pictures they can look at and what videos you can get them to stay and watch. Well guess what? PushButton SEO will also go out and find those for you too. The images come from Flickr so you will need to sign up and get a developer API code but don’t worry. It’s nothing more than copy and paste a long alphanumeric string from one page to another and that’s only done once.

Believe it or not, there is a lot more that PushButton SEO can do but if I told you all of it, there’d be nothing left for their sales page to talk about and they do it better than I could. Even better are the training videos that they supply so you shouldn’t be stuck on anything – installation, setting up and use is all covered in a series of short clips designed to get you going with the maximum of efficiency and minimum of fuss.

Here’s somebody else’s opinion of PushButton SEO:

(Guess how I found this video?)

Yes I am a PushButton SEO user although I’ve only recently rediscovered that I had a license (Developers) after letting it gather digital dust in the jungle that is my data drive. To get it going I had to contact support who responded within 24 hours so I have no complaints there and once installed in this and one other WP site I started making good use of it again. Everything is so easy and what’s more, I can go back through previous posts and update them just as easily as new ones. Eventually these improvements will filter through the search engine system and perhaps give me a nice little boost in their eyes.

Here’s an extract from an external site’s opinion (http://veebispetsid.com/pushbutton-seo-review-rest-the-search-for-the-best-wordpress-seo-plugin/):

Quality Content over Super Optimisation PushButton SEO for the Mediator. I bet once you have finished writing your post you start tweaking your SEO to get people to visit your site. Often you have to stuff keywords into your content to get.…

And a clip from a press release (http://www.prweb.com/releases/push-button-seo-review/brian-johnson/prweb9848983.htm):

PushButton SEO Review Bonus for Brian Johnson’s plugin Revealed. PR Web press release A PushButton SEO Review Bonus for Brian Johnson’s plugin answers the question a lot of people want to know Does PushButton SEO work? PushButton SEO is designed to help with their on page SEO. There is a lot more that is involved in SEO apart and more.…

There may be other plugins that do bits and pieces of what PushButton SEO does, but I’m sure there isn’t another in this price range that does all of it. This is the easiest way of content curation you will find. (Remember. Using one man’s work is theft. Using many people’s work is research or curation). There’s a 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime support included in the price and even the ‘personal’ edition allows you to use it on 50 sites – hardly a limitation at all!

Finally, as this is a review, there is an affiliate link to the product. I use it and stand by it so I’m very happy to recommend it.Click Here to grab your own copy of PushButton SEO and see what it can do for your WordPress site.

And just for comparison, here’s the link to SEO Pressor which does a similar sort of thing. I haven’t used this one but the back to back specs look comparable.