Quick Start Challenge 3 2015 – Week 2. The video!

Quick Start Challenge 3 2015 – Week 2. The video!

Well that has been fun. The Quick Start Challenge for week 2 was record and publish a video, preferably with yourself as the presenter.

Now, as you may be aware, I’ve done a few Powtoon videos in the past, mainly so that I don’t have to show my face or even blast my voice at the hapless victims who happen to trip over my offerings, but the point of doing a challenge, especially something like the Quick Start Challenge, is to break your own boundaries and do things you hadn’t done before, so, in the spirit of challenge, I’ve done that.

The video ended up a little longer than I thought it would (it’s only 2 and a half minutes – and for most of that, I’m quiet. Honest) and was fun to make. There were no cue cards or prompters, and at times it really sounds like it too. All of the editing was done with free tools like Windows Movie Maker and Avidemux – both very useful. In fact the only commercial video tool I have was more of a hindrance than a help as it didn’t feel instinctive for the basic editing I wanted to do.

Anyway. Without further ado, I present to you, my video for Quick Start Challenge 2015. Enjoy:

As it’s been mentioned in comments, I thought I’d show you the way I got my camera set up when I did the final part of my video. As I said in the video, there’s a roll of paper towels resting on top of a pile of magazines with a pen holding the lens up in position. The things we do for fame (grin).


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