Quick Start Challenge Week 4 – The End is in Sight

Quick Start Challenge Week 4 – The End is in Sight

We’re now in the fourth and final week of Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge 3 for 2015. Most of the participants – or at least those remaining are now at the stage where they either think – “That’s it. I’m set up now” or (more realistically) “I’m set up. What’s next?”.

There are a number of more experienced people that have taken this course. People like me who’ve got the experience but haven’t quite got the high levels of success that we want. We have taken upon us the role of available mentors, making sure that all those who don’t know, are unsure or just plain dither, have been able to get on. No one has forced the pace although we’ve done our best to help those who need assistance to keep up, including actually giving real hands on support by taking over their website for a bit to complete aspects that some of those challenged have felt to be beyond their skills. Privately, some of us have also said that ths has saved Dean and his team an awful lot of support calls and time, since they have been barely present in the very active Quick start Challenge Facebook group. However, those who have done the extra online support have made their name as mentors, built their own brand and gained in the “know, like and trust” stakes. Those who have been helped will be our supporters and testimonials in time to come.

The final week of the Quick Start Challenge is really – Do more of the same. i.e.: Forum and blog commenting, write posts, make videos and support each other, with one last message of turn up to the final video for an extra bonus. Again, the knowledgable amongst us know that this will probably include a call to join in with Dean’s high price group or something similar. Every webinar seems to end with one these days and we’re sure that this will be no exception.

Those that are left still participating are also starting to become aware of the fact that they know there is more to learn and at the moment, there is no direction for them, which may be another ploy to get them to sign up to the next stage – along the lines of “You’ve done this much. Don’t stop now”. Again, the experienced people are dropping ideas about what to do, like visiting blogs outside the group, investigating paid traffic methods and looking into monetising what’s already been done. Let’s hope that some of the people that are left are investigating those ideas.

Somebody pointed out in the Facebook group that they’d be interested on how many people started this year’s Quick Start Challenge and how many look like they’ll finish it. According to JVZoo there were 500+ sales, so there were between 500 and 999 starters, although there were nothing like that many active in the Facebook group which says it has over 1700 members although that does include Quick Start Challenge 2 members from last year. I’d say there are less than 100 who are active within the group out of maybe 200 that have dipped in at some time or another. We cannot know how many just lurked, feeding off the questions and answers for other people or how many just dropped away at any given stage, feeling it was all too much or not able to give the time necessary to the projects.

So will I recommend Quick Start Challenge 4 when it comes along next year? As an affiliate, I would probably say yes although as a participant it hasn’t been a terribly steep learning curve for me. I’ve actually learned more from Keith, Joe, Kevin and one or two others with whom I’m now part of a private spin-off group. The challenge has got me to tidy up this blog a little bit and add a couple more plug-ins that might be useful as well as revamping the opt-in form on the right (hint, hint If you haven’t already).

So Quick Start Challenge 3 for 2015 is about done and so am I for this post. Remember to share it using the social buttons below and do feel free to comment if you agree or disagree with what I’ve said. I’m going to go ahead with my own mentoring site which will rely more on optional affiliate sales rather than an initial charge and will (in the fullness of time) probably cover far more. The Mastermind Group we’ve formed may also come out with a competing product, again going further and hopefully keeping a higher proportion of active participants. Let’s see what the future brings.