September State of Play

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September State of Play

Despite having a few posts and trying a bit to promote them there’s not a great deal been happening apparently although behind the scenes there’s some stuff going on.

The first problem was that I was notified by James Scholes ( that the company who had been dealing with affiliates for his Evergreen Wealth Formula product had stopped forwarding customers, paying affiliates and answering his emails so he has had to move everything across to a new affiliate provider. Evergreen Wealth Formula had been doing well for me as a product (you see the pop up for it in the bottom corner of most of my posts) so I had been a bit disappointed to find that out but now it’s all sorted again I may see a resurgence in sales – which reminds me that I’ll need to go to my review on another page on this site and update the links.

This is a good place to mention that if you use a link shortener like Pretty Links in my posts, all I would have needed to do would have updated the link redirect in one place. A lesson learned there.

One last word on James Scholes – He has provided a great free tutorial on copy writing. It’s on his blog, here. I think you’ll like it. If his free stuff is this good, think of the quality of his paid courses!


After QCS3, a group of students off the course got together and decided to put together a better site for helping people. I’ve contributed towards that and hopefully that will be ready to go soon. A long time plan of mine (see blog posts from last year) was to set up my own site helping beginners – in a more structured way than this site – and this is ready, up and running now at  There is a opening offer that I think is hard to resist if you’re one of the first 100 to join and I have big plans for this site and much more material to go up on a regular basis. If I tell you all about it here you won’t go and visit, so just click the link and see for yourself. It opens in a new window or tab so you won’t lose your place here.

Setting up the above site also inspired me to write an ebook about the experience and how you can replicate it yourself. I’ll be sorting out some review copies (that means I’d like you to read it and give me a review or testimonial that I can use) soon. Make sure you tell me in the comments box below.

Sunset in Bude Cornwall United Kingdom

I’ve also just come back of a lovely holiday in Cornwall with my wife. Photos from that trip (we’re both camera mad) will be on my personal blog once we get some time to process them and trim them to more suitable sizes for the web. Multi-megapixel images (2000 to 6000 pixels wide) are overkill for blogs where sizes of 400 – 600 pixels width are fine. Do you trim your image sizes down for your blog? You ought to as it saves storage space and reduces bandwidth for your readers. A faster site gains in SEO terms too.


I was recently sent a link to a video that is well worth watching if you want to set up your own affiliate items on JVZoo. Some people find the process a bit confusing, but if you watch  Aurelius Tjin’s video here it should make it all a bit clearer for you. It’s not a YouTube video so I can’t embed it directly here so just go to the site and see it for yourself there.

Talking of JVZoo, you can now link up your Aweber autoresponder account. You’ve been able to do Get Response for a while which may have been a deciding factor for many people in the ‘which autoresponder’ decision, but now the balance has swung back. I wonder if there’ll be enough pressure to include MailChimp too? Wait and see or jump to Aweber (I’m banned from Get Response)?

One last thing. Social Proof is a great way to demonstrate to potential customers how good a product is but adding that proof to all the places you can is a real chore – as if we didn’t have enough to do already. Brad Callen has come up with an idea that might just reduce that chore by a large amount. See Review Trust here to find out more.

As always with my blog posts I’d love to hear your opinions in the comment boxes below and if you could find it in your hearts to share the post on your own social media using the buttons I’d be very grateful. Don’t forget to comment if you’d like a review copy of the site setup ebook I’ve written too.

P.S. For making it this far, have a free gift: 15 Tips To Maximise Your Profits I do hope it’s useful for you.