20 Minute Results Review

20 Minute Results Review

20 Minute Results by Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick is a system for earning $100+ a day from free and low-cost traffic. The system itself is quite easy to understand and although it is complex to set up the first time you do it. When it comes to the ‘rinse and repeat’ phase, you will understand it totally and subsequent set-ups will go much faster.

The really clever bit is that you make money by ‘not selling’ anything directly. As you might guess, 20 Minute Results is an affiliate sales system. It’s a bit difficult to review 20 Minute Results without giving away the nature of what it’s all about. I don’t think I’ll be giving too much away if I tell you that it’s about setting up niche20 Minute Results websites with integrated ads already in place.

The clever bit is that the sites are pre-made and once you discover the source (it’s not EBay) then there will be several hundred more sites to choose from.

From a personal point of view, there’s nothing revolutionary about the free traffic sources either, but then again, I’ve been around this business a few years. To somebody who’s totally new or not long tried the make money online niche, the ideas in 20 Minute Results may be quite an eye-opener.

The basic package is 9 short, ‘how-to-do-it’ videos. This is something of a trademark for these two guys. They’re strong believers in keeping it short and simple. This is much better than long and repetitive – something I definitely agree with. They know you can watch a short video again and again. There are some tutorials that repeat the same information time and time again inside one lecture, just to make the video longer (and give it more ‘apparent’ value).

20 Minute Results Upgrades

There are 3 upgrades (you cannot call them one-time offers as they are available through the download page) and certainly the first two 20 Minute Results upgrades are definitely worth having. They do more than just complement the basic package, they add to it considerably.

The first upgrade is additional traffic sources. These are valuable to more than just 20 Minute Results and so the package is worth the money if you already have diverse sources of income that you need to feed with visitors.

The second upgrade is a collection of 50 niche blogs and an instant way of setting them up almost ‘ready-to-go’. The only tweaks would be to add your affiliate links to the pre-populated offers. If you’re sensible, you would re-write the included posts, as well as adding a few more. There’s a further trick that is not overtly stated but saves you from the normal big disadvantage of niche blogs – writing continuous, new content.20 Minute Results

The third upgrade is direct assistance from Paul and Mark and not so essential to someone techy like me, but could be invaluable for the newbie marketer.

Another unstated idea is to set yourself up as a niche blog installer. With the basic 50 sites included in the second upgrade to 20 Minute Results, you could have a nice little earner installing these packages for other people. As I said above, you’ll discover the source of these packages and be able to access a lot more of them.

20 Minute Results Conclusions

The idea of niche blogs is not new although some of the ideas presented are very good, especially the unstated idea (which I only discovered by accident myself) and 20 Minute Results will definitely be of interest to someone who likes the idea of earning by not selling. It’s not totally ‘set and forget’ as you need to work at bringing traffic into the sites, but it’s not dependent on SEO either so you’re never at Google’s mercy. I’m not saying that search engine ranking won’t hurt, but it’s never your sole source of traffic.

It says something that Paul and Mark have sold over 3000 copies of the basic package. It also says something about the buyers that there has not been a major increase in the rate of niche blogs being set up. Too many people buying the product and doing nothing with it, but there’s nothing new in that for any product.

Should you decide to buy and you use my links, there’s my big bonus package to add into the deal. There’s a lot to this package. Some of the content will help you setting up any niche blog and a lot that will help you in other aspects of internet marketing, so there’s something for everyone.

Don’t let this be a ‘buy and forget’ product, though. There’s a lot of good stuff in 20 Minute Results and a lot of value in the upgrades. It’s on a dime-sale which means the price goes up whenever someone buys it, so the sooner you get in there, the cheaper it will be. Don’t delay on your decision for too long.