Buy 24 Hour Traffic Machine Review – Paul Nichols

Buy 24 Hour Traffic Machine Review – Paul Nicholls

We all need web traffic and 24 Hour Traffic Machine is a new product by Paul Nicholls teaching us a different and mostly untapped source.

First of all – who is Paul Nicholls? Paul is a Brit from a seaside town on the East coast. He’s gone from humble beginnings to making himself a decent regular income and makes more by educating others. He has more than 2 dozen products on the market and a great training site (of which I’m a member).

Now Paul’s products are normally quite basic looking, but you shouldn’t let that sway you against them as they always have great content. 24 Hour Traffic Machine is no exception. Based around 4 presentation videos, 24 Hour Traffic Machine explores a little-known traffic source that gives higher quality traffic , in any niche, and more importantly, is scalable to whatever depths your wallet can handle.

24 Hour Traffic Machine

Solo ads are gaining a poor reputation, mostly due to fly-by-night scam artists who have grabbed emails from anywhere they can without regard to the quality. Many solo ad providers are also growing their lists from adswaps which basically means that they are grabbing people from someone else’s list – again without regard to the quality.

Quality signups tend to come from pay per click ads where they are basically pre-screened for interest. Only interested people are going to click on an ad. This also makes a squeeze page or offer have better conversion rates – something that impresses potential product buyers as well as JV partners.

Who is 24 Hour Traffic Machine for?

Just about anyone who wants a quality source of traffic that is easily scalable – which is just about everybody. It’s not a free source – where you can trade your time and effort for visitors – if you want that sort of thing, take a look at Curate, Snip Score (one of my products) where I teach you a free traffic source method – obviously requiring some of your time to bring the visitors to your link. It will only cost you a dollar.

Paul’s 24 Hour Traffic Machine does require some investment on your part, but it doesn’t need to be a huge one to start with. You can see what works and then put more in once you know it’s successful.

Now one last thing – 24 Hour Traffic Machine is on a dime sale, which means that the longer you leave off buying 24 Hour Traffic Machine, the more expensive it will get – so your best bet is to buy it as soon as possible.

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