Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review

Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review

Alex Jeffreys original Ultimate Profit Empire was a great little product – one of his early full multi-media efforts where he did more than just a 2 hour long video. This Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review will let you know what more he has added to make it even better for even the original buyers as well as newcomers to the product.

Ultimate Profite Empire Reloaded Review

The first thing you’ll notice about Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded is that there’s even more of it. The original PDF has been re-written and expanded, based around Alex’s recent launch experiences as well as further training he himself has taken. Naturally enough, this means that the video had to be re-done too and with this release of Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded there’s an MP3 extract of the audio from the video too. This means that all of the media bases have been covered.

As always though with an Alex Jeffreys product there’s more – much more. There are now spreadsheets to help you with the planning as well as mind maps so that you can see where ideas came from and what lead on from them. But it doesn’t even stop there. it’s been noticeable lately amongst Alex’s regular buyers that he’s started to include videos from some of his other older products, which is great if you missed some of his earlier stuff. This doesn’t mean the info is out of date or useless. Far from it. It’s more inspiration for those who have only discovered Alex recently.

Finally, another recent tradition with an AJ release is adding some high quality PLR to help you get started and Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded is no exception. Unlike many other people, Alex doesn’t throw in the same load of PLR every time. He goes out and gets a fresh load from a high quality source so that those who have no clue can at least get started. As always, a variety of evergreen niches are covered and everything a new marketer would need is there.

Ultimate Profite Empire Reloaded Review

I hope you enjoyed my Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review. It’s actually quite difficult to do these reviews sometimes as Simon (Alex’s right hand man) doesn’t release many review copies, so I often have to rely on 2nd hand information or wait until release day, but this time I was lucky and I got to see the site under construction, so I could be sure of what was in Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded.

How To Start ‘Doing’ Internet Marketing

Here’s a short video by Chris Farrell, who is a very successful marketer on the basics of internet marketing.


Of course, Chris has glossed over the sub-steps that are necessary to find a niche, build a web site, drive traffic, capture leads and market to the list because there is far more than can be explained in a 6 minute video. As this site continues to grow, I will pass on the information to you – mostly in small doses because it’s a lot to take in at once, or I will show you where to find the information, especially where I think someone else can explain it better.

So once again the main steps are:

  1. Find a niche where there is a ready stream of buyers
  2. Build a website – can be only one page, can be many, but dedicated to that niche – preferably a sub-niche or sub-sub-niche
  3. Drive traffic (i.e. people or visitors) who are interested in the niche to our site
  4. Capture leads – get the visitors name and email in exchange for a free gift – an ebook, audio or video presentation
  5. Email more information and products to those leads

Now because of the way we market our web page or site, the people are going to be already interested in what we have to offer. They are ‘targeted’ visitors. The kind who are most likely to be buyers. Our free offer is also going to be targeted to our visitors and should be something that will be of good value to them. Tips, techniques or a problem identified and solved for them.

We should also take an opportunity to tell them about ‘us’ as a person, because if they know us and like us – because we share their interest, they will trust us and be more likely to buy from us or at least want to hear more from us.

Finally when we email market to them we should continue to offer more hints, tips and information amongst our sales emails which gives them a reason to stay on our list for longer. People who are only ever ‘sold to’ will drop off our list and possibly diminish our hard earned reputation by telling others that we only ever want to sell and never tell.

So that is Internet Marketing in a very basic nutshell. Over the coming weeks and months I’ll discuss more about each step and some of what needs to be done to complete each one. The pace may be a bit slow for some but I’ll be trying to keep it as non-technical as possible, or where it does need to be technical I will give full explanations. Keep coming back, or sign up to receive more updates.