Getting People To Buy From You

Getting People To Buy From You

Getting yourself started as an internet marketer is so very easy. Just sign up with an affiliate site like Clickbank or PayDotCom, find some stuff you like and grab the affiliate links, then plaster these links anywhere that will accept them and that should be all there is to making the money roll in, right?


People don’t work like that. No online, not offline, not anywhere. People don’t want to be sold to, especially by somebody they don’t know and therefore, don’t trust. They may want to buy, but unless you find the shopaholic with money to burn (a rare commodity these days), they’re not just going to pitch up at your link and follow it to the end just because it’s there. So what do we, as marketers, need to do to convince them to buy?


  • If you’re trying to get them to buy without giving them an emotional need – You’ll fail.
  • If you’re trying to get them to buy without letting them first get to know you – You’ll fail.
  • If you’re trying to get them to buy without first gaining their trust – (you know the words by now).

How do you get people to know you?

That’s easy – tell them about yourself. Don’t make it an 50,000 word autobiography. People won’t want to spend that much time to find out. What they want to hear is a ‘guy like me’ story. People like people like them. If you’re marketing to marketers tell them you struggled too for a while. You’ve made good now, of course – no one likes a failure unless it leads to success later, but people want to hear that rags to riches tale. If you’re marketing to non-marketers, let them know how you had problems in that niche that you can help them resolve. Your problems were probably the same as other people’s and that make you seem human and more real.

How do you get people to like you?

By knowing you and hearing your story, they’re already on the way to liking you. Use their language, their phrases, their idioms and acronyms. Say what they say in the way that they’d say it. Hold a mirror up to them and almost be their reflection. Most people like themselves so if you’re like them, they can’t help but like you. Don’t take the mickey though by being a total echo and don’t be false about it because you will be detected and that will totally kill the ‘like’ thing. Be different enough so that they can see you have your own personality and enough like them so that they will like you.

How do you give people an emotional need?

People have 2 emotional reasons for doing things. Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain (except in a very specialised niche that I’m not going to explore).

If you convince your customer that your product will give them pleasure then couch the benefits in those terms. “Lose 10lbs in 20 days”, “Get $2000 a week extra with this sales technique” or “Knock 5 strokes off your next round of golf” and all pleasure seeking terms. Notice also that specific amounts in a specific time period are mentioned. These also help to convince the reader that your product will be the one that can bring them the pleasure that they seek.

However, pain avoidance is a far stronger emotional reason. Think about it. Would you cross a lava field for a million dollars? No. Because the pain would outweigh the pleasure. So phrases like “Avoid being the continual laughing stock of the gymnasium”, “Not doing this course will cost you money” or “Don’t get laughed at again  next time you ask a girl for a date” become the stock in trade (depending on your niche of course).

Sales letters will, of course, probably include all of these ideas – which is why some of them end up being longer than the product they’re selling and in the end the bottom line is that the potential buyer will see something in there that activates the know and like and also sees that the product will fulfil that emotional need that it created.

You don’t have to go over the top, especially in a single email sales letter (although you could use them all over the period of an autoresponder campaign) but if you try a little of each in your next sales page you may be pleasantly surprised at the increased results that it gives you.

Feel free to comment below. It’s your comments that make researching and writing all this worth while.