Productive In A Non-Productive Way

Productive In A Non-Productive Way

Are you the sort of person who does productive things that later, when you think about it, weren’t really adding to your bottom line? Do you create squeeze page after squeeze page – but you don’t drive traffic to them? (My number one sin). Perhaps you write lists of ideas for articles that never get written. You’ve collected a tonne of PLR with the intention of at least preparing it to give away or re-sell, but it remains unused, to gather digital dust on your hard drive.

Worse still. Do you create ‘to-do’ lists that you never start on? Productive, Image from page 125 of The pathway of life Intende…

Is it because you’re overwhelmed because you know you have so much to do, that you don’t start any of it? That seems to be the usual cause in my experience. I know, I’ve been there myself all too often. I start a number of projects – usually unrelated to each other, then fail with all or almost all of them.

Everything seems to be required at once, but perhaps you can break it down into smaller, easier to look at, pieces and also, make everything a bit more related – so that you can see a coherent plan coming together.

One of the worst things, I find, is buying and studying new products before I’ve even finished looking at a previous product. Shiny Object Syndrome. The cure for this is to not buy or use anything unless you can really see an immediate use for it, WITHIN YOUR CURRENT PROJECT.

If it’s of no immediate use, then don’t look at it, buy it or even take the time to consider it. I’ve been on a purge through my Inbox recently and I have unsubscribed from about 30 or 40 lists, just to stay away from temptation. It’s very cathartic and also reduces the distraction of checking emails. Almost all of the lists I unsubscribed from were only making daily, different affiliate offers and not adding any real value. If I have a need, I will search it out myself and not because it has been waved under my nose.

Now we have reduced a distraction, let’s get on with really being productive for ourselves.

First of all, is one of your projects directly involved with increasing your business? If so, that is your priority. If your business is affiliate marketing, we’re talking here about a blog post or review page based around the product you’re offering. If it’s a new release then you probably have a deadline of the release date, so there you have a target time to be finished by.

Of course, if you don’t already have a marketing blog or website, then you should work on that first, so you have somewhere to put your review. If you have trouble setting up that sort of thing then consider outside help – an expert friend or maybe

And there is an idea for anything you are stuck with, haven’t got around to yet or don’t have the expertise to begin with. Outsource it! A few dollars spent on a job will probably be more productive than you spending time learning how to do a job that you may do only once or once in a blue moon. Fiverr has a section where you can request a task, so if someone isn’t already offering to do what you need, then at least you can ask.

Don’t be afraid to outsource one-off jobs. You will get more done and you will free up your own time to do something you can complete.

What jobs have you got outstanding? Is there something that someone else could help with? Perhaps your expertise lies elsewhere. Why not find a friend who can do that job, and you do one for them on a ‘quid pro quo‘ basis (You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours).

Make a real to-do list, with only 3 tasks on it. Any more than that will bring in despair as it will look like too much work. Do not consider making another to-do list until those 3 tasks are complete enough (not perfect) to use. Perfection is as much a time-killer as activity on the wrong things. If you really must tidy things up later, schedule it for later, but ‘imperfect now but earning’ is better than ‘perfect but not used’.

Procrastination is also something to be avoided. Doing ‘research’ on Facebook or YouTube might not be anywhere near as productive as you think. Limit yourself to real facts on real websites rather than time-wasting distractions.

CLICK HERE for a great to-do list template. It’s so much more help to avoid doing the things you shouldn’t be doing.

Finally, if you need external motivation, why not ask for that too? Find someone in the same line as you, at roughly the same stage and act as motivation buddies for each other. Share your to-do list and stay in touch – asking each other how you’re getting on. You don’t have to work on a project together, just be supportive and motivational. It will be well-worth the 10 or 20 minutes you spend talking every few days.

Spend the time though letting me know if this article has helped you. Add a comment below or email me via the contact page. I want to hear from you.