Affiliate Marketing Is Something Some People Don’t Get

Affiliate Marketing Is Something Some People Don’t Get

Affiliate Marketing is one of those areas of the internet that some people just don’t seem to ‘get’. They don’t realise that the ads they see down the side  of many websites are earning money not only for the product being advertised and the website owner, but possibly for someone else as well. Now two of these earners are obvious. The product seller gets money if someone buys his product, and the website owner is probably being paid for having the ad on his site, but who is the someone else? The answer is, an affiliate. This is the guy who probably paid the website owner for having the ad up there, not the product seller, so the affiliate has to know there will be a good return in it for him.

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Many website owners don’t want to add their own ads and prefer the regular income of selling advertising space rather than having to deal with affiliate network companies, finding relevant offers and worrying if the commissions will cover the bother. Instead, they offer ‘space for rent’ on their site, specify an ad size and a price and let somebody else do the research and live with the worry of making enough from it.

It need not be such a worry though for anyone. A little bit of keyword, or more accurately key phrase, research will lead you to two things almost simultaneously – A product to advertise and somewhere to advertise it. If an affiliate marketing product comes up when researching a particular key phrase and the search density is good – let’s say, more than 5000 searches per month for the exact phrase (exact match phrase is when you put your search in quote marks) and you come up with a website from a loose or exact match search that does offer advertising space then you have two things that will go together well.

Outside of the ‘online money making’ or ‘online marketing’ niches there are many places where the website owner is more interested in providing a service than actually making money from it, so if you approach such a website owner with a proposition that will make him money, by selling some of his web page space for your affiliate banner or text link, do you think he will jump at the chance for regular income? I think he will!

So being an affiliate doesn’t mean you have to have your own website. Just do the research and see if you can find websites where the owner doesn’t ‘get’ affiliate marketing but gets good traffic and give him a proposition that will benefit you both. But don’t do it once. Do it a hundred, several hundred or a thousand times (you could do it in a month or so) and see how your income can start rolling in and better yet, you support keeping another specialist website up and running. Affiliate marketing strikes again.

Definition: Affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or buyer that visits the product or service.

Affiliate network: themselves affiliates of merchants via the traditional affiliate networks. Advertising network or ad network Affiliate programs Affiliate marketing Affiliate.…