New Facebook App For List Building & Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0 review

Busy day! As I said in my previous post, I’ve obtained a copy of Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0 and I promised a user report / review and so I shall. First of all though here’s a link to the app itself. One of the pages still needs tweaking but it’s out there ‘in the wild’.

Here’s the link: Sales Funnel Facebook App  Obviously, don’t click the link if you don’t use Facebook or are not logged in.




Facebook Viral Bomb V2.0 (by Nelios dos Reis) itself is a WordPress plugin which links to your Facebook account. The plugin helps you create a Facebook post, a WordPress squeeze page and download page – pretty standard stuff if you know what you’re doing, I suppose, but for me it was a real learning curve. This was not helped by the variable quality of the support material.

On purchase, you’re taken to the plugin’s WordPress site and asked to create login credentials. Once inside you’re shown the Welcome page which tells you a little about the site and how to proceed. The same menu choices appear at the top and on the left. The important ones are the download and license selections. So far so good and no problems. A clean layout and although the text is quite small, it’s legible – even to my poor eyesight.

The problems start (to my mind) when you select the ‘FVB Strategy’ menu. It would have been better labelled as Tutorial just to get the right attention, although perhaps that’s just me. The contents (at first glance) look like they have been well thought out with 3 demonstration links so you can see what the pages could look like when you create them, 3 videos and 3 pdf downloads. The page gets quite long and so may have been better of split into several sub-pages, but I’m reviewing it as it is.

The videos are not great visual quality and the sound is awfully muffled at times – either my sound codecs are poor or the seller’s microphone is not great. The video content is barely more then introductions to the pdfs and do not really add anything to the tutorial, and in places Nelio gets confused as to what he’s doing and there’s a bit of stop / start in the recordings. It’s more sales than tales.

The pdfs are variable in content and quality. The first one is good in the beginning and gives step by step instructions on installing and setting up the plugin – although to be frank if you need that sort of help then you shouldn’t be using this sort of software. Then again, everyone has to start somewhere. The level of detail in other places though presupposes a much higher level of knowledge. The author has remembered his target audience in places and forgotten it in others.

The 2nd pdf spends half of its pages going through a World of Warcraft support site, curating content to create a free pdf to make a giveaway document, including sources of images and editing software to make a cover and other support images. Nice, but way off topic. Only at the end of the document does it get back to actually teaching you how to move onto the next phase of creating your app. Again, if it were me, I’d have made the document creation section a totally separate document and kept the tutorial purely on the plugin.

Am I being picky? I don’t really think so.

PDF 3 though is gold. I mean it is a WSO in its own right. How to use your new app and how to get it to go viral – and quite cheaply too. I could heap more praise on it but it doesn’t need my help. It’s good.

The bonus items are a mixture of reasonable freebies, squeeze pages on other people’s sites and affiliate links. The latter is not really a great idea in a paid product unless you’re getting ‘mates rates’, which I’m not sure that you are.

The OTO is a series of code, backgrounds and buttons for your squeeze pages, some ideas of profitable niches and some more videos. As I haven’t watched them yet I won’t comment, but I don’t have high hopes.

Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0 comes in 3 versions – single site, multiple site and developer. The first 2 are self explanatory and the third enables you to create pages for other people. The author suggests using Fiverr, but comments on his WSO thread state they are being created for up to $50 each – which is more reasonable given the work that can go into them.

Can I recommend Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0 – On the whole, YES. It makes an awkward task much easier. The training materials do need a serious re-vamp though and I can see there will be an awful lot of support calls from people unsure because they cannot quite hear things in the videos or understand quite white the author means in the documentation. Certainly once I get my JV approved I will be updating links on this page and (possible ironically – though I’ll not be alone in this), creating FB apps to sell this very product.