My Unfair Advantage – Special Weekend Sale

My Unfair Advantage

Now until recently, I’d never heard of My Unfair Advantage, and I’ll suspect that many of you hadn’t either. It turns out that this is an internet marketing mentor site like no other. Omar and Melinda Martin – a husband and wife team, work hard to make 100% sure to make you a success, and training like they provide doesn’t always come cheaply. Anyone else that provides WEEKLY live coaching calls would be charging hundreds of dollars a month for the privilege of listening to them talking, possibly even without the ability to talk back directly to them to get immediate answers.

However, Omar & Melinda DO provide this service along with a lot more besides. A really well structured course that takes you from newbie to top marketer, laid out so that you never have to guess what to do next. It’s all there for you. You have to put in the work for yourself of course, it’s not all done for you, but what you need to know is laid out in an easily accessible manner.

And My Unfair Advantage is VERY popular.

The trouble with ‘popular’ is that it could spread the teaching a bit thinly and dilute the results and, like many other mentors, Omar & Melinda limit the number of people they have on their books at any one time at My Unfair Advantage, so that they can provide the best service possible to those they do accept.

My Unfair Advantage is composed of over 250 pages of rock solid content, software tools and video training. Everything that they use to run their daily business. Plus they do LIVE training webinars every Thursday and there are over 200 past episodes in the archives.

The members get access to all of their resources 24/7. They will tap into their PLR product library and hundreds of thousands of articles to create content. The plugins, WordPress themes and even their unreleased proprietary tools. This is the most BAD ASS members area out there, period! My Unfair Advantage is ideal for newbie to intermediate marketers and is geared to get them up to the $1k per day level. (Would you be happy with a quarter million dollars per year? I think you might be!)

From 00:01 EST on Friday 20th March to Midnight on 22nd March 2015 the doors to My Unfair Advantage are going to be thrown wide open to applicants everywhere. The cost is easily affordable, the resources inside are huge and the results are guaranteed (if you put the required work in). So don’t wait or hesitate, go over to My Unfair Advantage NOW and sign up for the path to marketing success and I’ll see you on the inside.

If you have any questions over the weekend I’ll do my best to answer them myself or put them to Omar & Melinda for you. Just pop them in the comments box below or email them to me. Also feel free to share this good news using the social media share buttons below.

This will be one hell of a ride, so make sure you’re on it.

Mentoring and Other Stuff This Week

I have to say this mentoring stuff is hard work when you’re doing it off the cuff.

I’ve had 4 people approach me this week requesting some help with either their approach to MWA – Marketing With Alex (One of Alex Jeffreys’ tutorial courses) or with their marketing in general. They found me through Alex’s MWA Facebook group. I’m still getting into what their individual requirements are although fortunately they’re all at similar stages with similar wants and needs as well as similar abilities. That makes things a lot easier than it could be.

I’m collecting and collating all the stuff I’m writing for them and sending by email (no conference calls at the moment) so I can put together a formalised course, something I can charge for obviously, but in the meantime, these guys are getting my aid for free. I have no doubt that I’ll be able to work with each of them n future projects. The one common problem is the ‘want it now’ thing. It’s not an attitude or driving force, it’s a mentality that’s been implanted by too many other sellers (not marketers – they’re a different breed) in order to sell the shiny objects.

My first Facebook viral app is going well. It’s live and is pulling in signups to my list, not in huge numbers yet, but it’s only been live a day or so. You can see it here: I used one of my other domains to host it in case it all went pear shaped. I don’t want anything to affect this domain. I will write a follow up review to my earlier one on Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0. I do have a WarriorPlus affiliate request in for this product but the seller has not responded after 48 hours. Either he’s doing well enough on his own to not want affiliates or he’s busy responding to support requests to check his WP account.

I actually think it may be well worth while doing  an article on the Warrior Forum and WarriorPlus and how they tie in together, perhaps throwing in JVZoo, Commission Junction and PayDotCom so that marketers can be aware of alternatives to ClickBank.

Other than that my own activities have been restricted to blog commenting, answering Facebook queries (which got me the mentoring gigs) and trying to do a bit more on my own products. The latter activity has slowed right down due to the unexpected mentoring requests. I want to do them though as positive results with these guys will enhance my reputation – which is what this blog is about! Being flexible enough to change priorities may be a good thing in some ways, but it plays havoc with marketing plans! Time for a plan re-write, methinks.

Half Way Through June

It’s Friday the 13th so I thought I ought to update you good people on the happenings here at

First bit of news is that sales of ‘How To Be A Social Marketer‘ have started. I won’t say spectacular (just yet) but it’s gaining attention and is available through WarriorPlus and JVZoo. It’s also on Amazon for the Kindle and I’ll be popping over there at the weekend to add it to my CreateSpace portfolio too so it can be seen as a paperback too (Print on demand, so there’ll be no big stack of remainders in my garage).

I’ve also picked up a WordPress plugin called Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0 which should help me to increase my list. I’ll let you know more once I’ve RTFM and got a campaign under way.

Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0
Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0

Other happenings this week is a couple of Kindle ebooks by Kip Piper. She has a series of over 20 books all in the online marketing tutorial niche, linking together to be a complete course. The ones I read were for list generation using LinkedIn and Twitter. On the strength of her suggestions I’ve made some changes to my LinkedIn profile, so that I feature this blog and my internet marketing activities more strongly. Time will tell if it brings in any more traffic from that source. I already do what she suggests for Twitter except for being a bit less pushy and a bit more advice – pretty much in line with what AJ and in fact a lot of other people suggest. Don’t chase the money…

One last ‘happening’ is I got my first request to mentor someone else. Chuffed to my smarties or what! (For American readers… Chuffed – pleased with oneself. Smarties – British M&Ms, the chocolate ones). Still need to set up a first Skype call and I’ve asked him some questions to find out what stage he’s at. I was ‘found’ through the warrior forum just by being local to him – I suppose 50 miles is quite local, anyway!

A couple of nice comments to on AJ’s Marketing With Alex Facebook group too. Apparently my style resonates well so I’ll keep up my postings on there too.

Now working on my next freebie – something around 2000 to 5000 words on brand building, to be used as a lead in for How To Be A Social Marketer. You’ll see it on here first in a week or so, as well as a full report on Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0 when I see for myself what it can do and if it does it!

How to REALLY Get On With Online Marketing – Use a MENTOR

Loads of people start in online marketing and sooner or later, 97% of them will fail and give up. They’ve bought ebook after ebook, system after system, shiny object after shiny object and got absolutely nowhere. So what have the 3% who succeed got over the 97% who fail? The answer is A MENTOR.

A mentor is a guide, teacher and occasional rump-kicker who has been there, done it and is selling the t-shirt. Someone who knows what is currently working because they are still successful now. Someone you can have confidence in and who will inspire the confidence that you need in yourself.

Now. The obvious question is where to find such a paragon of internet marketing virtues? Surely not those people who make offer after offer and expect you to buy ‘product x’ one day and competing ‘product y’ the next? No, of course not. Look for someone who is promoting their own products heavily and has a full system in place, from free give-away ebooks where they reveal a small part of their system through larger audio/visual systems up to personal one-to-one training. If you find someone who puts their own name to every piece of work that they sell, has their own face in the videos and their own voice on the audio then chances are they are preaching a working system and may even be using an expanded version of the self-same system for their own organisation.


How would you find such a mentor? By research, the same as you would research anything you buy (including the next shiny object), by looking around to see what people are saying about the product and its author.

The Warrior Forum is always a good place to start. If you’re not a member and you are determined about internet marketing or any online selling, then you should give it some serious thought. It is  a place where (mostly) like minded people meet in order to discuss internet marketing in its various guises, probably including some you might not have heard of. It is NOT a place to spam peddle your wares (affiliate links not allowed in posts) although there are sections where you can sell your own products (called WSOs or Warrior Special Offers) to the membership.

There are other dedicated marketer forums too, but I will encourage you to research them for yourself.

James Altucher Everything in life is your mentor T…

As for my mentor, well I have decided to follow Alex Jeffreys. He’s a Brit like me and to my mind he talks a lot of sense when it comes to marketing tactics. He talks a lot about his past at the beginning of many of his products and he admits to having a team around him now although he started as a one man show. Look out for his free ebooks called ‘Guru’s Dream’, Newbie Nightmare’ and Guru’s Nightmare’. You’ll have to sign up to his lists to get them or they are available on Kindle through Amazon. You don’t get bombarded with sell, sell, sell emails and you do got lots of great information, mostly in video format. He has a good reputation online and just has the right sort of ‘feel’ to the way I want to approach things. I’m currently working my way through his ‘Marketing With Alex 2.0’ product which is 25 hours+ of video material. Not bad for less than $20! Unfortunately it’s off the market at the moment but Alex does re-release it now and again and I’ll let you know when it does make an appearance.


Alex, of course, does have mentors of his own (he apparently spends over $50,000 a year on them) so when he tells us things, they are coming from a very expensive horse’s mouth and are well worth hearing.

That’s enough from me for now. Do some research, pick yourself a mentor and start to study their material and methods. You’ll be one of the 3% soon enough.

Next Article – A Crtique and The Social Marketer