JV Giveaways Update Report

JV Giveaways Update Report

I have to say that I’ve done quite well out of JV Giveaways this past 4 weeks. Although sales haven’t been huge, I have got a good number of new subscribers and learned a few more lessons myself – especially about checking links after moving domains to new hosting.

I did 2 JV Giveaways, spaced 2 weeks apart, so basically as one finished, the next one began and on the 2nd one I did the paid upgrade ‘thing’ to get more gifts which I did not do on the first.

The first JV Giveaway gained me 6 new subscribers through my 2 gifts and I made one sale of $10. I sent traffic from Herculist for which I am a paid member – meaning I can send to 74,000+ members every day. I won’t say it’s hugely responsive but for $24 for a year, I think it is good value. As I can’t trace the open rate, I don’t know exactly how many people saw it out of the total membership it was emailed to, but given that I got 46 sign-ups to the JV Giveaway site I can guess that somewhere between 500-1000 people read the email and a quarter of those clicked through to the site.

The second JV Giveaway (still in progress as I write – but only for 3 more days) has gifted me 31 more subscribers through my 8 gifts and 2 sales of a $1 product I put up. The upgrade cost me $7, so although I’m not ‘quids-in’, the cost per subscriber has been very cheap. I did come unstuck with one of my gifts as it wasn’t stored where it used to be, so I had a couple of complaints from the JV Giveaway organiser plus the subscribers. However, once I’d corrected the error and told the subscribers about the new location (adding in a bonus gift and thanking them profusely for their patience and understanding) all was good once more. As before, I used Herculist to send visitors.

Moral: Never assume. Check. Even on a long-standing squeeze page.

JV Giveaway marketplace

Words of wisdom:

  1. Go for the upgrade, the extra exposure is worth the tiny amount of money.
  2. WordPress plugins attract a lot of attention. Pick one or two good ones as your gifts.
  3. Based on the above, I suspect that paid WordPress plugins might do better as sales items too.
  4. Apology bonuses for complaints do soothe the savage subscriber. One of the complaints emailed me again afterwards, thanking me (in a surprised tone of email) for the extra gift. Good customer service pays dividends.
  5. Don’t knock safelists as a traffic source. Herculist definitely has its uses.

Using Andy Waring’s KISS document was a great method for setting up a couple of funnels in short order in time to get a full quota of 8 gifts for the 2nd JV Giveaway. With a sales funnel on the other side of them and a  good line up of follow-up emails too, there could well be future sales in line there.

Having set up a non-IM KISS funnel now, I will see how well that does in the next JV Giveaway that I do. Following that, I will try and join a new JV GIveaway each week and use them as my primary list-building source. If you need to know when the next one is, drop me a line at admin@stevenlucasmarketing.com and I’ll let you know dates and locations.

JV Giveaway – What Is It?

JV Giveaway – What Is It?

Joining a JV Giveaway is a big thing at the moment. They have had a bit of a revival over the last few months. Even big name marketers are running them, and they must work otherwise why would big names like Reed Floren and Andy Waring even be getting involved with them.

Simply put, a JV Giveaway is when a group of marketers get together and jointly offer a number of freebies from each of them. A short description of each freebie is advertised on a common site and everybody sends traffic to that site. To get the freebie a visitor has to sign up through a squeeze page as normal, but whilst on the site, they will see plenty of free offers from all of the JVs (known as contributors). This gives all the JVs a chance to get new subscribers.

JV Giveaway plans

There are usually extra complexities in that JVs who send more visitors get their giveaways pushed higher up the list, so there is an incentive to get as many people as possible to see the site. JVs who buy an introductory offer (usually only a few dollars) get upgraded to being a ‘paid contributor’ and can usually show more freebies and in some cases, be allowed to display a paid offer through a banner or text ad.

The usual way of running a JV Giveaway is via an established system which runs 2-weekly giveaways and attracts a co-sponsor to be the ‘lead name’ on a giveaway.

The leading system at the moment runs giveaways for 2 weeks and has a new one starting each Tuesday and Friday – in other words, up to 8 giveaways a month with up to 4 running at any one time, assuming there are enough co-sponsors.

How to Become a Contributor

You become a contributor by being invited by either the co-sponsor or another contributor – basically, you have to know someone who’s already ‘inside’. Once you’ve contributed once, you will be contacted by the main system each time a new JV Giveaway is announced (i.e. a new co-sponsor has been found).

Once you’ve been invited into a JV Giveaway, all you need to start with is an existing squeeze page. You’ll be asked to enter various details into a form – the bare basics are a giveaway name, the squeeze page, the direct download page, a short description (up to 50 words) and a long description (up to 300 words). You’ll also be asked for a support email address and a value for the giveaway.

As a free contributor, you’ll only be allowed 1 or 2 giveaways whereas, if you buy the paid product you’re offered when you sign up ($3 to $10), you could be allowed up to 8 giveaways, as well as text ads and banner offers.

If you don’t already have a squeeze page or think you don’t have anything you could use as a giveaway, the co-sponsor will often add some PLR for people to use, but bear in mind that a lot of people could be using the same stuff and to stand out you have to offer something different. This could be time to dig out some PLR or MRR that’s been hiding on your hard drive for a while.

You may see rules about ‘nothing over 2 years old’ or ‘no duplicate offers’, but I have yet to see these strongly enforced. You are also expected to send visitors to the JV Giveaway site and people who send no-one could be expelled from the JV Giveaway, so there are 2 reasons why you need to send traffic – even if you just buy 50 clicks from a solo ad vendor.

A recent idea that being used is that you can pay a small fee and actually buy your way further up the list. For a fee, you can buy a certain number of points and distribute them amongst your giveaways. If you don’t have much of an email list, this is one way to get seen first. The fee also ‘fireproofs’ you from not sending visitors, so there’s a bit of protection there too.

How to be a Member and Get Your Free Giveaways

This is the really easy bit. You have to either know where the giveaway sites are or be invited by a co-sponsor or contributor. As stated before, contributors like inviting new members as it pushes their freebies higher up the list and, as with search engines, the stuff on page one gets the first visibility and therefore the most clicks.

Once you’re in, you are free to browse around and look through the list of giveaways to see what you’d like to get. You will have to sign up to a squeeze page and chances are, you may have seen some of the stuff before, but there is also a lot of newer and unseen items on offer.

Some canny marketers use JV Giveaways as a testing ground for new squeeze pages (including A/B testing variations) and newly written freebies. Anything that gets good feedback can then be put out into the wider world.

For the most part, the giveaways tend to be internet marketing oriented, but you will occasionally find stuff for other niches, mindset products and WordPress plugins and themes useful for all marketers. Very often, the giveaways are the whole PLR package and not just the ebook. Once or twice, contributors have offered multi-part video courses so it’s not just old PLR ebooks.

I Want In to the Next JV Giveaway

If you decide you want to join in the next JV Giveaway then please feel free to drop me an email (admin@stevenlucasmarketing.com) and tell me whether you’d like to be a contributor or a member. If you need help to set up a squeeze page, either because you need a product or need help to set a squeeze page up, then I’d be more than willing to help. Again, contact me by email.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

My First JV Giveaway Over

As you may remember from a couple of weeks ago, I told you I’d joined in with a JV Giveaway. I can’t really say it’s be a resounding success despite the number of people I tried to send though that may be down to my traffic sources (10 Herculist posts, 1 Bweeble and 4 other Safelists sendings). I ended up with 5 member signups to the giveaway to my name and 2 people joining my list (signed up to one of my giveaways).

Here’s the stats picture:

JVGiveaway StatsSo 90 JV contributors sent 942 signups to 118 free offers from which there were 20 sales of 2 different types (The site organiser’s OTO and the individual’s OTO). Looking through the remaining stats on that page (which I won’t show because they feature other people’s info) there were many who did far worse and some other interesting information stood out.

First of all, the main organiser also sent most of the traffic – traffic that signed up anyway – about 1/6 of the total traffic as well as 2/3rds of the final sales total. Also only 5 people (including me) signed up to upgraded JV status (that allowed us to have more links to squeeze pages, text ads and a ‘paid for’ offer) and over 80 of the people who signed up to be JVs did not have any JV or member signups at all under them. Whether this means they sent no traffic or their traffic was so unqualified that it wasn’t interested, I cannot tell. However, the figures on show do not paint a good picture for this particular JV Giveaway. I also don’t know whether these figures are typical for this sort of thing or this was just a bad day at the office. It is part of the T&C when you sign up that you will promote it, but this may not be policed so I cannot say who to blame for the shortfall.

With over 100 giveaways up for grabs (and people who sign up as upgraded JVs can have them all without having to go through every squeeze page) you would have thought that this would have been a freebie seekers dream. Perhaps it’s a matter of finding the right places to advertise it?

IM Entrepreneur Giveaway

I will be persisting myself, if only to check up on the stats a bit more. The next one is called IM Entrepreneur’s Giveaway and runs from Tues 14th to 28th April and again there’s around 100 JVs with 86 Giveaways (I guess some people signed up and then realised they had nothing to offer). I’ve signed up again as a JV contributor, but not upgraded this time, which only gives me 2 JV Giveaway slots and no text ads or OTOs. It’s co-hosted by the same guy as the previous one (it’s part of his business model to run these things for people) and 2 other people. It will be interesting to see the stats at the end of this one.

The script that runs these JV Giveaways looks a little dated (very early ’90s) but the idea behind JV Giveaways is quite sound, provided everybody plays their part. I have to say, the main host does, in sending a significant proportion of the sign ups (although they may be from his own lists) and hopefully, the co-hosts will also do their bit. As for whether I look into signing up as a co-host myself sometime, at the moment, I’m not too sure. The JV upgrade take up rate is disappointing really considering the potential benefits, although those benefits have yet to be realised in my eyes.

Maybe I’ll know better after having done a few more.

If anybody wants the link to sign up as a JV contributor to this or future JV Giveaways, drop me an email and I’ll forward you the link.

As always, give me some comments in the area below. Have you participated in JV Giveaways recently, either as a JV Contributor as a member? What was your experience? Would you do it again? Do you want help to join in another one sometime? If so, please ask me. They’re not difficult to set up, especially if you already have a squeeze page or two ready to go. If yo don’t, I will help you with that too.


Have You Tried a JV Giveaway for Email List Building?

I recently picked up a nice little document called Leveraged Traffic Explosion from Aaron Autrey explaining the benefits of JV Giveaways for email list building.

The general idea is that someone sets up a JV Giveaway and invites other list builders to join in by offering products to download through their own squeeze pages. It’s a sort of squeeze page central, if you like. These contributors can offer a certain number of jv giveaways each and by paying the site admin a small sum, can gain extra benefits like more offers, text ads and paid offers.

All of the contributors then send traffic to the site (initially other contributors and once the offer starts, potential subscribers) who can then pick and choose any or all of the offers they want to sign up to or buy from. Anyone signing up through your squeeze page obviously goes onto your list, whether you sent them there or not. The advantage to sending people is that you can push your offers more to the forefront if you send more people.

It all sounded pretty good to me and part of the document (available through Warrior Plus) was a site which offered to set you up as a jv giveaway admin, co-host with the site owner or browse a list of people who have started or are about to start their own JV giveaway.

Being the cautious type, I decided to join in as a contributor first and I found a jv giveaway that was about to start. Setting up your offers is no more difficult that putting in a link to the squeeze page (although there were tutorial videos as well), a link to the download page (other contributors get to download your offers without signing up for them first) and two descriptions – a short one for the link page and a longer one for the interest page. This particular JV Giveaway offered my 6 places for free offers of which I had 4 already set up (current squeeze pages) and it only took me an hour or so to find a suitable offer for a 5th. (I didn’t worry about a 6th). I also wrote 4 text ads (the maximum) all going to various affiliate offers and added one ‘pay for’ offer (I could have had 4) that I had a page ready set up for. This appears as an OTO (one time offer) on sign up. This was all done before the site went open to the public.

JV Giveaways are usually run for a limited time, normally 2 to 4 weeks, after which the offers tend to have been seen by as many people as are going to see them and is pretty much the standard time for any launch product. This one started on Friday 27th March and at the time of writing is only a day old. I spent a little time beforehand (2 days) promoting the contributor side, mostly on Twitter, Facebook and a Herculist ad, which didn’t attract anyone according to the stats page on the jv giveaway site and I’m now in the process of promoting the members side via the same methods. Here’s the site stats after 24 hours:


So you can see that there are 89 contributors, (which seems a good number to me), offering a total of 118 gifts – looks like I was generous with 5 offers, although I don’t know how many are paid upgrade contributors – and there have been 6 sales from 92 signed up members. This is roughly 24 hours into the opening of the site to members. Now as you can see, at the time I took the snapshot I had not had any referrals, but then again, I hadn’t sent anybody either (I’d put 2 mentions on Twitter and one on my own timeline on Facebook). It will be interesting to see how things change by next week, after I’ve sent out a few ads. (There are more stats, comparing how the contributors are doing individually for signups and sales. There are all mostly empty at the moment).

Some afterthoughts which are too late to implement this time round but worth considering if I do this again…

  1. Give every place a different tracking link. I would do this in Pretty Links and set up half a dozen different Pretty Links all pointing to the same place but enabling me to count which ads sent the most traffic. Unfortunately I cannot track which ones actually sign up or buy, but it would be a start.
  2. Go for fewer free offers. It looks like 1 or 2 per contributor is the average. (Free contributors could only offer 1 page).
  3. Use the text ads to point to the same squeeze pages (I got this from someone else who had done JV Giveaways before).
  4. Put up more paid offers, as the OTOs (which are seen on initial sign up) seem to do OK. When I start sending traffic and my paid offer gets in front of more people, I think I might see my income rise.

As an admin or co-admin of a JV Giveaway, you get EVERY sign up that joins – contributors and members – and you get all (or a share) of contributors upgrade costs (where contributors can have more offers, text ads and paid offers), so provided you can get enough people to join in, you could certainly make it pay for itself. Obviously there is more work to put in – installing the script to run the site and a domain and hosting to put it all on, but help is available so you don’t have to go it all alone.

Whether I go down this route or not though depends on the next 2 weeks. I will be updating here of course, so this and subsequent posts will end up as a sort of case study and of course, a new product. So come back soon and read more about it all.

The members link for this particular JV GIveaway is >Click Here< or the banner below and is only available until 11th April 2015.

Have  you participated in a JV GIveaway, even as a member? What did you think? Are the signups worth having in terms of being real readers, subscribers or even buyers? Let everybody see your experiences in the comments box below.