The importance of your first email.

Here’s a guest post from Jenelle Livett, an Australian marketer who also runs her own coaching course.

Here Jenelle talks very much about first impressions and how to make them via email. Sit back. Read and enjoy.

The importance of your first email.

It is common knowledge that with any business if you have a list of subscribers then you not only have a way to contact your new and existing customers, but you also have a way to offer them more services which will increase your profits. The fact is that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers. Also you will make more money out of a customer who has already purchased from you than a cold prospect. The reason for this is because they know like and trust you. So how do you get a cold prospect to know like and trust you? If they are joining you through an optin form which can be located on your blog or even sent out as an advertisement e.g. a solo ad or bulk mailing then they will receive an introduction email. This very first email is the most important email and there should be careful thought put into making you sound like you are a genuine person and somebody who is going to help your subscribers reach their goal. It should also point out that you will be sending them further emails. Always make sure your intent is clear and remember you only get one chance to make a first impression.

So now you have told them who you are and a little bit about your experience. You have included a few sentences about how your main purpose is to help them succeed and also told them that you will be sending them future emails with other promotions and also some useful tips and tips. the other information that you should include is a little story about how you know how they feel and that you have been in that exact same spot as they are now. Reassure them that they also can achieve the success you have achieved and you will help them get there. Also let them know that if they choose not to stay on your list that there is an unsubscribe button in every email but you would be sad to see them leave.

In your next few emails you just want to share some stories and gently push them towards other products that you will be promoting to them. Successful email marketing is all about forming relationships with your subscribers. Always remember they are people. Try and relate things that might be taking place at the moment, like the world cup or an upcoming celebration. Make your emails real. Remember facts tell and stories sell. The internet is a pretty faceless place and there are a lot of scammers around so the days where you could just send out an email and say buy my stuff are long gone. If you have a Facebook profile tell them to connect with you there and introduce them to your blog. If you always try to get your list to take action send you feedback etc. then they will become raving fans and soon they will trust you enough to buy anything you suggest. My other advice is if you are going to sell something to your list make sure it is a quality product that you have used or one that has been highly recommended. There is one fast way to lose credibility is by sending your list to dud offers. Keep it real

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