Marketing Funnel – Why and Why Not?

Marketing Funnel – Why and Why Not?

Everyone says (well gurus anyway) “Set up a funnel for your products”, but do you know why you should and sometimes when you shouldn’t set up a marketing funnel?

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First of all, what is a marketing funnel?

A marketing funnel is when a person is taken from being a prospect – interested in buying, through an initial purchase all the way up to walking out of the store, fully loaded (he hopes – that he now has everything he needs). The example most people use is that of MacDonalds – when you walk in to buy a burger, but sit down with a Big Mac, a large order of fries and a drink, possibly with an ice-cream as well.

You look at ordering a burger, but the slightly larger one looks better value for money, the server offers you fries and a coke as part of a meal deal, then for a little more money, you can ‘go large’ on both of those items. You decide that since you’re now looking at all that food that you might as well have a dessert too.

That is the sales funnel at work. For just a bit more money, you have been upgraded far beyond what you walked in for – and it’s the same in any form of marketing. What can the seller offer you to make you spend a bit more and sometimes not a little, but a whole lot more money?

Three white funnels

Internet Marketing Funnel

In internet marketing, the sales funnel often starts with a free gift. Why is that? It’s to make the recipient feel obliged to give you something back and in this case, marketers generally ask for the email address. The marketer knows now that you are interested in the topic of the free gift.

A well-presented free gift may offer a single question on a particular problem and provide almost all of the answer too. Crafty, that. Almost all of the answer! It may also hint at some other problems around the topic (or niche).

Fortunately, the seller has the complete answer to the original problem as well as (almost complete) answers to the other problems mentioned. Problems that the prospect may not have even been aware existed – but he knows now! The seller now has the opportunity to turn the prospect into a buyer by allowing the purchase of a solution document – at a small price.

The buyer (out of curiosity or fear) pays the price and takes the  solution. The seller then says “Would you like to go large?”, effectively anyway. The buyer is then offered an upgrade package – perhaps the written solution but in video format – because more is explained and people find video easier to absorb.

The buyer parts with a little more money.

The seller will then offer more and more, asking for a bit more money each time for each upgrade until the buyer says “Enough!”, in which case the crafty seller will offer a slightly reduced package at a lower price, just in case the buyer still feels like buying.

Do You Have a Marketing Funnel

And that is a marketing funnel. Sale after sale of related items, presented in such a way that the buyer is actually glad to buy them.

So the ‘why’ of a marketing funnel is quite obvious – it is to make as much money as possible for the seller and providing the most complete solution to the buyer that he can afford.

Are there times when a marketing funnel should not be used?

I can’t really think of any. If you have some ideas I’d love to hear them. Either email me directly or comment in the box below.

Want to know more about having your own marketing funnel? Take a look at this free ebook [CLICK HERE] which shows you the steps you need to take to get you to $10,000 or more each and every month.