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Mindset Over Money

Are you aware that you NOT making money with internet marketing might have very little to do with your products, your advertising or even many of the big things you do, week in, week out, to try to improve your business?

What if I told you that the problem is more likely to be much closer to home – and I’m not talking about an unsupportive spouse (one who says that “all internet marketing is a scam” and  “you’re wasting your time”).

The problem might actually be within yourself. You may just be unconsciously telling yourself that you don’t deserve to be rich, that success is not there for the taking for you or that it only ever happens to other people.

Frank Herbert wrote in his book ‘Dune’ – a litany that a mother taught her son that starts – “Fear is the mind killer” – and indeed it is in many parts of life. We get afraid of failing at something, so we don’t do that thing and forgetting that, not taking action, is a failure within itself.

So what can we do about it?

We can start with some positive affirmations. Here’s some I created and put up on YouTube:

Many successful marketers keep a list of this type of affirmation videos and audios and listen to them at the beginning of every day before starting work. They don’t consider it a waste of a few minutes. They look upon it as getting their mindset in place to start a new working day.

However, they have a head start in that they know they are already successful. For mere mortals like the rest of us, who are still pushing to get our big break, a deeper harder start might be what’s required.

In another existence, I have been a hypnotist and one the most famous hypnosis teachers in the world is Steve G. Jones. He charges up to $25,000 for a 2-hour session and even at that price, they are queuing out the door to see him. Why? Because he gets great results for his clients.

What do you think he could do for you?

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Imagine if you can be put into a frame of mind where you not only want to make money, know that you can and what’s more, that you deserve it. Money is yours for the making. That’s what Total Money Magnetism is all about.

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