Are you happy only selling somebody else’s creations? (PART 1)

Are you happy only selling somebody else’s creations?

Affiliate marketing is 98% about selling stuff that other people have either created themselves or had created for them (with their name at the front), and most affiliate marketers seem happy with that state of affairs. They are OK with the idea of merely advertising or at least talking about products that have been created for their niche or at least for a related niche. Why is this? Is it because product creation is seen as too difficult or the affiliating of the product is seen as awkward or too hard to keep track of.

Whilst it’s true that if you did it all yourself, anything beyond a ‘one of each’ product (ebook, audio & video) may seem difficult to keep track of, getting help is not really that hard and you may even be using that help already to advertise your sites (or if you’re smarter, your pages). I am of course talking about outsourcing.

You may be using Fiverr gigs to promote your offers to people who have more Facebook and Twitter followers than yourself, or asking someone to write (or re-write) articles on your behalf. If you’re really canny, you’ll be getting someone to do you video testimonials of some of the products you affiliate for to put up on YouTube & Vimeo. If you’re already doing some (or all) of these things then it is not really that much of step to getting enough original, related content to be able to call it your new product. There are people on Fiverr who will even brainstorm product names for you and write you sales letters, albeit short ones. All you need to do is supply a running theme and a few ideas to put together.

If you have an overall idea that can be broken into several smaller explanations, then the 2 to 5 minute videos that are the run-of-the-mill on Fiverr could be ideal. Once you’ve found a presenter you like then stick with them for consistency’s sake and ask them to dress the same for each video. Same once you’ve found someone who’s writing style you like. Stick with them, tip them and you’ll find yourself at the top of your priority list to get your work done quickly. As a point of view, if someone offers me one 30 minute video or six 5 minute videos, I’d look harder at the product offering more. Saves fast forwarding through a lot tutorial to find the 2 minute section you wanted to review as opposed to jumping straight in to a single topic clip of film.

Now you can start thinking. Think of yourself as a film director rather than the cinema manager. In part 2 of this article I will discuss the financial implications of being the product creator rather than the reseller.