Positive Direction Will Give Positive Results

Positive Direction Will Give Positive Results

Up until very recently (as I realise now), my marketing efforts did not really have a positive direction. Sure, I did loads of things. I wrote articles for my blog, I put up squeeze pages, modified PLR to make it mine and basically did lots of things that I thought a marketer should be doing to be successful. I thought I had a positive direction.

But there was one thing I wasn’t doing… Making money!Positive Direction

I had an email list which I contacted 5 days a week (with occasional extras if there was something that was worth it). I gave plenty of value to that email list – at least I think I did and I had very few unsubscribes and only 1 spam complaint. Not bad after 2 years. It seemed like a positive direction.

That email list languished in the low hundreds though and I only got infrequent sales and it wasn’t paying the autoresponder bill, let alone domains & hosting.

I was a shiny object chaser too. I’d read or watch through them, get all inspired, take a little bit of action and then get distracted by the next ‘must have’.

All in all, not a good way to be a marketer. I thought I was doing the right things and in some ways I was. I was also doing several things wrong, but as I didn’t have a dedicated mentor, I had no one to point them out to me and I didn’t realise for myself. Definitely didn’t feel then like a positive direction.

This online marketing thing should work. I know it does for other people. So why wasn’t it working for me?

Was Traffic My Positive Direction?

I thought it was about traffic – not getting enough or not the right sort. In some ways, that is right, but it’s wrong as well. How can that be so? Be patient, I will tell.

I had something like a dozen squeeze pages, all with different products and funnels behind them, but I wasn’t sending regular traffic to any of them. I’d try the odd solo ad and get a decent signup percentage, but there were no sales to help pay for the ad. Because I wasn’t concentrating on one niche, one funnel, one money making stream, I wasn’t really getting anywhere. I was spreading myself too thinly. I might have had a marketing mindset, but I didn’t really have a positive direction.

Something had to change. I was spending too much money and not seeing enough results. Fortunately, things did start taking a turn for the better.

Focussing ConcentrationPositive Direction

The first thing I did was to concentrate on a single targeted traffic source and make it a mainstay for a while. This did two things for me. It allowed me to make good use of all the squeeze pages I’d put together and it grew my email list, significantly faster than before (it trebled in 6 weeks).

I started doing regular JV Giveaways as a paying contributor. This means that, for a small fee, I can put up paid products as well as free ones and also puts you higher up the list of giveaways. Page 1 to 3 gets the most eyeballs on your freebies, whereas pages 4 to wherever (usually 10 to 12) get far fewer visitors.

Now I was starting to make sales a bit more frequently. Still not enough to pay all the bills, but certainly enough to bring back some confidence in what I should be doing. A couple of sales during the giveaway would pay the entry fee, but the higher number of subscribers meant I had more chance of grabbing sales through my emails later on.

(If you want to take part in a JV Giveaway, contact me and I’ll tell you when the next one is and help you set up a free gift or two if you need the assistance).

The Real Revelation

Positive Direction

It occurred to me that my traffic focus was still wrong in one way. Where I was sending my ‘casual’ traffic. Instead of sending it to my squeeze pages or other people’s products, I should be sending it to my blog and doing more there. Definitely now feeling like a positive direction.

I already know there’s lots of helpful information on my blog because I wrote it and put it there. I needed to tell more people about it and let them decide whether to visit a squeeze page, a product sale or somewhere else. More people visiting my blog means they get to know more about me, the person, rather than someone who keeps sending them value and sales emails all the time. It will build my ‘Know Like & Trust’ factor.

To really have a positive direction, you need a plan and one appeared in a sales video (of all places). In all honesty, the most amazing sales video I had ever watched. It didn’t feel like a sales video. It felt like a $100 webinar, such was the value that the speaker was giving. I took the plan offered (bought the product too) and turned into something I could look at daily – in fact, I made it a desktop background, so I couldn’t ignore it.

The Positive Direction Plan

  • Monday – write a blog post. That’s OK. I like writing and generally have a few ideas to write about.Make the posts mostly informative and not at all sales-y or even reviews. If they can be personal (like this one) or entertaining, so much the better.
  • Tuesday – promote the blog post on Facebook, in groups, anywhere that interested people will see it. You’re promoting yourself. Let readers decide if they want more of you.
  • Wednesday – Turn the blog post into a video. Well, I’d done videos before but I knew I needed to add my own voice and face to them – something my videos usually lacked. again there is the real requirement of self-promotion – with or without an ego, depending on your personality.
  • Thursday – Promote the video on social media and get some traction going
  • Friday – Spend some time working on a paid product of my own. Again I’d already done one or two but the topics were not well researched and didn’t really fill a market need.
  • Saturday – cue up affiliate offers and emails for the following week. Something I was already doing, except I was not pointing the Monday emails to my blog, so subscribers were not seeing my new posts (or older ones, if I wanted a lazier week).
  • Sunday – And Rest.

No daily activity should take more than 2 hours, so this was asking that I dedicate 10 to 12 hours a week. I knew I was doing more than that already, so cutting it down was fine in my book. Monday to Thursday, everything points back to the blog – either a new post or an existing one (in my case. New blog authors might not have that luxury for a while).

Where can you find this miracle-working sales page? It’s here – Affiliate Command.

Positive Direction

The End

Now I have this positive direction, I can feel things are going to change. People will be nudged gently into visiting the blog and will be able to decide for themselves where to go next. If they happen to go to a sales page, then that’s good. If it’s just to see what I have to say next week, then that’s good too. Sooner or later I will be able to show them something of interest.

Sure there’s work in it for me, but it will probably be less than I’m doing now and more directed. One day, I might even be directing you too, to your own success. I do hope so. I enjoy helping people to find their own Positive Direction.

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