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Steven Lucas – Who Is He?

Steven Lucas

Steven Lucas – Who Is He?

It’s a pretty good question, I suppose. Despite the fact that blogs are supposed to be personal things, I very seldom talk much about Steven Lucas at all. I had always been shy as a child and never been one to blow my own trumpet much and despite trying hard to be a bit more outgoing, it’s still not really ‘me’. Still. The time has come (the Walrus said. “To talk of many things. Of ships and shoes and sealing wax. Of cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings.” – Lewis Carrol) for me to put some of my personality out there and see where it gets me.

I could tell you about my childhood and early teen years, but I don’t think there’s anything there of great depth, really insightful or of great depth and relevant to the internet marketing field that ever happened to Steven Lucas. I’ve never known great excesses at either end of the scale – could always afford a pot to piss in, even if it was never gold-plated, so I can’t tell you of tremendous struggles or crashing downfalls. In short – an average sort of guy.

As such, I seem the wrong sort of person to be doing internet marketing, I suppose. I haven’t achieved huge successes – I haven’t had a $1000 year yet, let alone a $100 day – but I do tick over enough to cover hosting and a few domains. I won’t say it’s an overall profit, but I’m not deeply out of pocket. I do a lot of the ‘right’ things according to the experts, but I haven’t (yet) achieved anything anywhere close to their levels of success. My email list is growing – I won’t say the rate of growth is spectacular, but there’s more joining than leaving – so I take a positive from that.

Steven Lucas outside of Internet Marketing

What does Steven Lucas do outside of internet marketing? I’m a flight simulator technician. A flight simulator is a white box, usually on a motion platform that pilots do their training in. When you read about a hero pilot landing his aircraft when one engine had failed, I’ll be the one who’ll tell you that he’s already done it a hundred times before – in the simulator. It’s a routine part of their twice-yearly visit to a sim and he’ll have probably done it in thick fog to an unfamiliar airport. If it’s daylight and he has at least one engine, he ought to be able to land the damn thing without too much trouble. Capt. Sullivan on the Hudson – that sort of thing could never be planned or trained for (except on a few helicopter simulators). He’s a real hero pilot.

Anyway. When the simulator goes wrong – Steven Lucas is a guy who fixes it.

You’d think there’d be some inspiration I could draw on from that, but again, I don’t see it. Too many problems are human error (Pilot complaint – “The radar doesn’t work with the switch fully anti-clockwise”. My reply – “That’s the OFF position, sir”). You know that Fed-Ex gripe sheet that does the rounds every now and again? They’re all true. Pilots are people and can therefore really be that dumb. That doesn’t mean that engineers aren’t stupid, but they do have other engineers watching their backs, especially when pilots are present!

What Else about Steven Lucas?

Outside of internet marketing and my job – I have 2 kids of my own and 3 more inherited from a (third) marriage (I’m divorced once, widowed once, third time very lucky). They’re all adults with families and doing well, so no big fails there. I’m technically an orphan myself, but at 56 that’s not a big thing. I’ve written non-fiction books and put them up on Amazon, I play guitar and pretend I can do bass, drums and keyboards too, but there won’t be a band shouting down the phone that they need some backup, quick. Back on the internet, I’m pretty competent in that I can find my way around HTML & CSS fairly well, although my eye for design stopped somewhere in the 80’s. Fortunately, there’s WordPress and royalty free images so I can make a decent job of things when other people have to look.

My one big plus (that I can see, anyway) is that I can take the technical and make it more understandable to those who aren’t so technically minded. I ought to do more explanatory videos. Instead, I stick to presentation style ones where I don’t talk and just let the page say what’s necessary. They get a few views but they’re never going to go viral. Mostly because I’m not big on promotion.

Steven LucasAnd there, I think, is my lesson to myself. I don’t shout about Steven Lucas. I don’t shout (much) about Steven Lucas’ productions – videos, product releases, blog posts or anything else. Those who can do that seem to do quite well – provided it comes naturally to them. I’ve seen how some people try to force that sort of personality, but it always feels wrong. There are some who can do it and many who can’t. However, the ones who can’t still try and worse still, teach it, usually to others who can’t and it really does fall down. Anyway, I’m not a self-shouter and although I don’t see it as a failing in me, I do think it’s why I haven’t found success as quickly as I’d have liked. I will work on it a bit, but I will not force it.

Reading back through this and looking through some pages belonging to other people, perhaps I can see something in common with them. We all try hard and do the right things, but we’re not finding major success. Perhaps we ought to get together or create a product that drives the mediocre to triumph. Or perhaps we’ll just be happy, sitting in the corner.

Nah! Let’s push on and make something of ourselves and go for it in as big a way as we can. Let’s go!