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How FaceBook Offer Ads are Perfect for Mobile Marketing

How FaceBook Offer Ads are Perfect for Mobile Marketing

Facebook Offer Ads launched in 2012, long before the explosion of mobile web surfing. In late 2015, mobile Internet access passed traditional desktop and laptop web access for the first time. This is due of course to the massive popularity of smartphones. The computer, camera, and features in your smartphone are equal to or more capable than the equivalent attributes of laptop and desktop computers of just a few years ago.Facebook ads, Facebook

Since smartphones are so small and mobile, extremely portable, they are preferred to bulky and less portable computers like desktop PCs, laptops and notebooks. This was not always the case. The first smartphones had very tiny, low-resolution screens, and the phones themselves didn’t do too much. Now you can run your entire business from your smartphone, because of the computing power and features available. The screens have also become much larger, as has the resolution on those screens, and this has driven the move from traditional web surfing to mobile, at-yourfingertips web access.

2016 Sees Facebook Offers Reworked for Mobile

The old Facebook Offer Ads program was good, but it wasn’t perfect. No marketing method or tool is ever going to be perfect. There will always be pros and cons. The problem was the old Facebook Offer Ads program and more cons than pros. Thanks to a revamping in 2016, Facebook Offer Ads now allows you to track how many of your offers have been saved, as opposed to the old “offers claimed” tracking method.

In the past, all someone had to do was click on your offer and you were told that someone had “claimed” your offer. This was very misleading. A person may have clicked on your offer with little to no interest to ever redeem it. This led to a false reporting of analytics, and sometimes a false sense that your offer was performing well when it was not.

Now someone must save your online advertising offer before your page insights will report that someone is interested in that offer. This is a change that Facebook marketers have been waiting for years, and it is finally here.

In-Store Experience Is Better

Another smart change to the Facebook offers experience regards how your fans redeem the offer. If you run a brick-and-mortar business, you can include a promotional code or barcode with your offer. This makes it super simple for customers to pull up that code on their smartphone when they are at your physical store. This makes the mobile advertising experience easier for your customer, and also speeds up the process for your employees.

While a customer is at your store attempting to redeem your coupon, they can browse the “Offers” tab that shows up on your page on their mobile device. This gives them access to your past offers, and they can choose the best active offer for their particular situation. Access to the “Offers” tab on a mobile device is also available for Facebook users who purchase products and services online. These changes to mobile are welcome, and support and enhance FB users and business owners’ experience with the Facebook Offers program.

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How To Get Consistent Income

How To Get Consistent Income

What is consistent income?Although it is said that around 95% of people who try internet marketing fail to ever make money online, I’m sure that some of those people have actually made one or two sales. What was actually lacking was consistent income to the point of reliably being able to say, “I will make at least $xxx each month”. It doesn’t matter what the figure is, so long as you can achieve it each and every month.

In theory, the only thing you need to do after that is to increase whatever you did to get to that consistent income point. In practice, especially at the $10 to $100 per month stage is that it’s difficult to know exactly what brought in the earnings.

Was it one or two sales of a launch product? Something evergreen that you wrote a blog post for or a YouTube video that had an affiliate link in the description box? Maybe even a couple of ebook sales on Amazon?

Some things are easier to trace than others.

Amazon sends you emails at the end of the month, telling you how much you’re getting from your book sales. Affiliate networks can tell you as soon as you’ve made a sale – even if you have to wait for 30 days to collect your earnings, but these things may have been the results of somebody randomly finding a link of yours, maybe something you did in the dim and distant past (i.e. more than 2 weeks ago).

How do you discover exactly what got you the money? You want to know because if it worked once, it should work again and you want to concentrate some effort there.

For instance. I made an affiliate sale of a $97 product the other day, totally out of the blue. Now the only place I’m sure of where I have an affiliate link for this product is on one particular site, so in this case, I’m certain that the sale came from there. But could I be really sure?

Nailing down the sale for Consistent Income

Of course, if I had used a tracking link, instead of the raw affiliate link, I could stand a chance of tracing the sale a bit. Had I? I had. It was a Pretty Links (WordPress plugin) link on that site, so it was a simple matter of checking the clicks around the time and date of the sale (which was provided by the affiliate network), so I could confirm that the site had provided the link.

I now know I can spend some time promoting that site and maybe make some more sales.

Could I nail it down to a page?

It turns out that I can – Pretty Links is good enough to tell me the source page of the click (even though the same shortened link is used all over the site). Great. I can promote a single page and I have proved to myself the value of tracking.

So if you want consistent income, my advice is to use a tracking system of some kind.

If you have a domain and hosting, set up a WordPress blog – even just on a sub-domain, and add Pretty Links to it, then make sure that every link to a free or paid product is put through the tracker.

If you don’t have a domain & hosting or the thought of setting up WordPress brings you out in chills, then may I recommend Click Magick. This can do an awful lot more than Prety Links and is a pro choice, but without a pro price!       Click Magick for consistent income

If you want consistent income you need to know where to apply your consistent action. Only link tracking will tell you that, so make a tracking decision early and keep tracking as much as possible.

Steven Lucas – Who Is He?

Steven Lucas

Steven Lucas – Who Is He?

It’s a pretty good question, I suppose. Despite the fact that blogs are supposed to be personal things, I very seldom talk much about Steven Lucas at all. I had always been shy as a child and never been one to blow my own trumpet much and despite trying hard to be a bit more outgoing, it’s still not really ‘me’. Still. The time has come (the Walrus said. “To talk of many things. Of ships and shoes and sealing wax. Of cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings.” – Lewis Carrol) for me to put some of my personality out there and see where it gets me.

I could tell you about my childhood and early teen years, but I don’t think there’s anything there of great depth, really insightful or of great depth and relevant to the internet marketing field that ever happened to Steven Lucas. I’ve never known great excesses at either end of the scale – could always afford a pot to piss in, even if it was never gold-plated, so I can’t tell you of tremendous struggles or crashing downfalls. In short – an average sort of guy.

As such, I seem the wrong sort of person to be doing internet marketing, I suppose. I haven’t achieved huge successes – I haven’t had a $1000 year yet, let alone a $100 day – but I do tick over enough to cover hosting and a few domains. I won’t say it’s an overall profit, but I’m not deeply out of pocket. I do a lot of the ‘right’ things according to the experts, but I haven’t (yet) achieved anything anywhere close to their levels of success. My email list is growing – I won’t say the rate of growth is spectacular, but there’s more joining than leaving – so I take a positive from that.

Steven Lucas outside of Internet Marketing

What does Steven Lucas do outside of internet marketing? I’m a flight simulator technician. A flight simulator is a white box, usually on a motion platform that pilots do their training in. When you read about a hero pilot landing his aircraft when one engine had failed, I’ll be the one who’ll tell you that he’s already done it a hundred times before – in the simulator. It’s a routine part of their twice-yearly visit to a sim and he’ll have probably done it in thick fog to an unfamiliar airport. If it’s daylight and he has at least one engine, he ought to be able to land the damn thing without too much trouble. Capt. Sullivan on the Hudson – that sort of thing could never be planned or trained for (except on a few helicopter simulators). He’s a real hero pilot.

Anyway. When the simulator goes wrong – Steven Lucas is a guy who fixes it.

You’d think there’d be some inspiration I could draw on from that, but again, I don’t see it. Too many problems are human error (Pilot complaint – “The radar doesn’t work with the switch fully anti-clockwise”. My reply – “That’s the OFF position, sir”). You know that Fed-Ex gripe sheet that does the rounds every now and again? They’re all true. Pilots are people and can therefore really be that dumb. That doesn’t mean that engineers aren’t stupid, but they do have other engineers watching their backs, especially when pilots are present!

What Else about Steven Lucas?

Outside of internet marketing and my job – I have 2 kids of my own and 3 more inherited from a (third) marriage (I’m divorced once, widowed once, third time very lucky). They’re all adults with families and doing well, so no big fails there. I’m technically an orphan myself, but at 56 that’s not a big thing. I’ve written non-fiction books and put them up on Amazon, I play guitar and pretend I can do bass, drums and keyboards too, but there won’t be a band shouting down the phone that they need some backup, quick. Back on the internet, I’m pretty competent in that I can find my way around HTML & CSS fairly well, although my eye for design stopped somewhere in the 80’s. Fortunately, there’s WordPress and royalty free images so I can make a decent job of things when other people have to look.

My one big plus (that I can see, anyway) is that I can take the technical and make it more understandable to those who aren’t so technically minded. I ought to do more explanatory videos. Instead, I stick to presentation style ones where I don’t talk and just let the page say what’s necessary. They get a few views but they’re never going to go viral. Mostly because I’m not big on promotion.

Steven LucasAnd there, I think, is my lesson to myself. I don’t shout about Steven Lucas. I don’t shout (much) about Steven Lucas’ productions – videos, product releases, blog posts or anything else. Those who can do that seem to do quite well – provided it comes naturally to them. I’ve seen how some people try to force that sort of personality, but it always feels wrong. There are some who can do it and many who can’t. However, the ones who can’t still try and worse still, teach it, usually to others who can’t and it really does fall down. Anyway, I’m not a self-shouter and although I don’t see it as a failing in me, I do think it’s why I haven’t found success as quickly as I’d have liked. I will work on it a bit, but I will not force it.

Reading back through this and looking through some pages belonging to other people, perhaps I can see something in common with them. We all try hard and do the right things, but we’re not finding major success. Perhaps we ought to get together or create a product that drives the mediocre to triumph. Or perhaps we’ll just be happy, sitting in the corner.

Nah! Let’s push on and make something of ourselves and go for it in as big a way as we can. Let’s go!