Black Book of Traffic by Jason Atkinson – Review

First of all I had better apologise for doing another review but this is something well worth passing on rather than passing over especially if you’re not making much or any money by internet marketing yet.

Black Book of Traffic by Jason Atkinson – Review

Jason Atkinson is someone who is quite new to internet marketing. He’s a university graduate who could not get a job and saw a future, in his own words, “working in a call centre or flipping burgers” which did not strike him as an attractive prospect. He found his way into internet marketing, as many of us do, as an alternative and after a few failures, discovered Alex Jeffreys and adopted him as his mentor. The Black Book of Traffic is the first result of that mentorship.

Now Jason knows, as do many of us, that web traffic is the lifeblood of any website. You can have the best website in the world, but if nobody sees it, then you are stuck. Jason has discovered a nifty little trick to make a small amount of money first,which then goes into a better system and another and another. The chain of events is logical and easily achievable. Better yet, the initial steps are free to carry out, so this really is a zero cash startup program. In fact, all you really need to get started is an email address and some PLR. An autoresponder would help but is not an essential in the very beginning.

Now obviously, I’m not going to run through Jason’s plan here as I don’t want to deprive him of his income, but I have read through a review copy of the Black Book of Traffic so I do know that it is well worth the low cost of buying the system.

I will warn you that Jason’s punctuation and grammar is a bit haphazard at times, but the content is top class, and it is this content that you should focus on, especially for only $5. There are a couple of upsells which add to the efficiency of the system, but are not essential to getting it going and even if you don’t take them at initial sale time, they are still available to you later.

So if you haven’t really got started yet or if you have got started but you’re not turning over a regular income, I can definitely recommend Jason Atkinson’s Black Book of Traffic. It is a worthwhile investment and it will get you going in any niche. Click one of the links and find out for yourself.

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Getting Web Traffic To Your Posts And Offers – Blogs & Forums

Getting Web Traffic To Your Posts And Offers – Blogs & Forums

The downfall of many an offer, blog post or product has been getting enough people to see it. Without eyeballs on the page, the contents mean nothing, so what are the best ways to get people to see what you have for them? Here’s some ideas gleaned from the many courses, articles, PLR and forum postings drawn together in one place for you.

Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site. Since the mid-1990s web traffic has been the largest portion of Internet.…

First of all, there is no such thing as ‘free’ traffic. Even if you don’t spend money on getting them to pop by, you are going to spend your time which has a value. That value is what you put on it, but you must give your time a value so that you will know when you are making money and not just turning over.

I am not going to talk about Free for All, Safelists and blasters from the outset. There may be a way of making these work but no one has shown me a good method yet. 99% of people who use these are looking for easy, free traffic themselves to send to their offers and are unlikely to be interested in yours. They will, at best, be freebie seekers. They’ll sign up to your list, take your free offer and never buy from you. I know, because my first list was full of them.

Web traffic
Web traffic

If you are trading your time for traffic, then blogs (like this one) and forums should be your main ports of call. Provided they are in your niche, then you already have a traffic source that is, at least, partially targeted to your offers – which must also be in the same niche, of course.

Make your posts and comments relevant and content filled so that you appear an authority figure. ‘I agree’ and ‘great post’ do nothing to make you seem like an expert. If you do merely agree, say what you agree with and why. More importantly, disagree now and again, saying why of course, because it will draw others out of the woodwork, if only to respond to you. Avoid trolling and slanging matches though. Keep yourself above those.

Write 200+ words (I’ve seen blog comments that were longer than the articles they referred to!) so that your content is seen as substantial and adding to the general tone of the post, blog or niche. Then in your signature block put in your link using keywords rather than a straight web address. For posts in multiple forums use different variations on links and keywords rather than making each one identical. If you’re commenting on blogs, deep link to relevant articles on your own site rather than the home page and try to slip a keyword in with your name and again, use different links and names for different comments as well as different blogs.

It is well worth your while signing up with many of the spam protection / comment enhancement sites. The well know ones are Gravatar, CommentLuv and DisQuss. If you can add your picture to your comment it engenders more trust and actually impresses many visitors who don’t know about it. They assume you must know the blog owner since you have your picture on his site. Gravatar is good for this although you may need multiple accounts depending on how many email addresses you use when you are blog commenting.

CommentLuv & Disquss use RSS to pull the latest posts from your blog and offers the latest one or from a selection as your link which is attached to your name. This saves you searching your blog yourself and doing a cut and paste to get the link.

Talking of RSS, once you have a (good) list going at your autoresponder you can set it up to use your site’s RSS feed to automatically inform your list when a new post is up. This encourages your subscribers to return regularly and hopefully comment more at your blog. If you want to get regular updates from me, just subscribe below:

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You will always find more places to comment merely by following the links that other commenters provide. Not all of them will go to other blogs, but the majority will and they will almost certainly be niche related. Spread your name as widely as possible and if you can find the kingpin blogs in your niche, they are certainly your primary points of comment. These blogs are always high traffic and you should be willing to grab your share.

Have you got any ideas for getting traffic from blogs and forums? Do you have any stories, positive or negative about getting traffic this way? Please let everyone know below in the comments section. (Spam comments are blocked, new commenters have to be manually reviewed and approved).

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