The Money Trigger by Alex Jeffreys – Review Post Launch

It’s now been available for an hour and now I’ve got my hands on the actual product I can really sing its praises. I had some pre-launch stuff to go on before but now I’ve seen The Money Trigger post launch I can honestly say it’s even better than I thought it would be. This is my The Money Trigger review.

The Money Trigger


At $5 it’s a no-brainer purchase anyway since it’s from Alex Jeffreys, but I still needed to experience the product itself, so I got into it about 2 hours before the official launch (because I could) and decided to give it a good look over.

TMT02The topmost video is a typical Alex opener – the Audi R8 he hires whilst he’s in Miami. He’s made the money and he’s not afraid to spend it either.

TMT03It wouldn’t be an Alex Jeffreys product without a terrific set of bonuses. The first one is in the box above. I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you it’s more than $5 worth on it’s own.




Then there’s the main event and it’s over 2 hours of great training, delivered in Alex’s no BS style. No sell of anything else, just stuff you need to know to be a marketer instead of somebody else’s prospect.



Bonuses: There’s 4 more videos. The first is another 2 hours and I haven’t even begun to look through the rest. I just haven’t had time! Alex says they’re quality training and I believe him.

TMT06Finally – there’s one more bonus area, and I can tell you what’s in here – It’s Guru’s Dream, Newbie Nightmare and Guru’s Nightmare. 3 ebooks that are the foundation of Alex’s training. Where he started from and how he’s got to where he is now. These are must-reads for any newbie marketer and even those with some experience can learn a thing or two from them.

So is The Money Trigger worth $5? You betcha. Will I be watching the rest of the videos and bonuses? Try and stop me!

Now it’s your turn. Get yourself over to HERE and get The Money Trigger for yourself. I can’t think of what other encouragement you need. Learn how not to be a failure at internet marketing in ANY niche. Get The Money Trigger for yourself.