The Newbie Launch Formula–Preview

What Is The Newbie Launch Formula?

In August 2014, Jani Gmoney decided to do a 30 day LIVE case study.
He took on 63 students, and showed them LIVE via a daily webinar, the process of him creating and launching his own product.
The plan was for him to make $100k in 30 days. BUT he ended up making $206k after just 10 days of starting the case study. and after 30 days he broke $250k.
Now he’s releasing the recordings of every webinar.
Your customers will get to watch the process he went through from going from ZERO to over $250k in 30 days by creating and launching his own product.
They get to learn the exact steps that THEY can take, to launch their own product and make 6 figures in 30 days.
Even if they have never done anything like this before.
Jani Gmoney show them how to:

  • QUICKLY create an info product
  • Create a complete sales funnel…
  • How to plan out their launch properly
  • How to get BIG JV’s and thousands of affiliates
  • How to write HOT sales copy
  • Hot To Create a Killer sales video
  • and much much more…

This looks to be one of the most exciting launches for this year. The main product will be recordings of live webinars where Jani Gmoney shows his students how he creates a product from scratch, writes pre-launch and launch copy and videos, gets big name JV partners on board and then totally smashes the launch.

Now the potential of this program puts it firmly in the $497 category as far as sales price goes and it would be well worth it just to have all of this information at your fingertips and you’d only have to do one fifth as well as Jani to get your money back, but it’s not going to be $497, nor even half that or a quarter. In fact it will be $47.

But here’s the real kicker. It’s only going to be available for ONE WEEK! This implies that Jani is going to put in some personal time and he needs to limit the number of people he can help, so when the Newbie Launch Formula goes live, that means you need to get it as soon as you see it because waiting isn’t an option. You will miss out big time if you don’t take immediate action.

I don’t often get excited about pre-launches like this but the evidence is there and it is going to make action takers very happy. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be one of them, but due to the limited release time there’s very little point in me writing a post-launch review, hence this post now.

The one thing I haven’t told you is when all this is happening. It all goes LIVE on 30th October 2014, so I’ll be posting more updates as I get them – including videos, so keep coming back to find out more.

Steven Lucas

I'm offering a lot of internet marketing information along with product reviews and a few giveaways. Feel free to share your information with me so together we cna help more people become successful.

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