The Power of More Than One

When we start marketing we’re almost always alone. At best we start with another friend who may have as little idea as we have. And we struggle. Boy do we struggle.

We get easily distracted by the next shiny object, we lose pace because we have no idea what to do next, we lose heart because nothing seems to work or we hit a roadblock because we have a task we know needs doing but we only have a vague idea on how to do it.

So what can we do about it?

We can get a mentor – someone we trust, who has already walked the path we wish to tread. Someone who has already been successful at what we want to do. Now fortunately, this mentor does not have to be in our niche as internet marketing skills are easily transferable. There might be a slightly different set of words to learn about but the principles of marketing people, products and websites are essentially the same.

A mentor not only teaches the principles but will also encourage his pupils and occasionally rant, rave, kick butt and generally motivate them to keep on doing what they should be and not procrastinating or sitting in the corner making excuses. If the pupils come up with their own products, the mentor will also often promote them to his own email list which will probably be considerably larger than the pupil’s, either individually or collectively.

The downside is that the mentor will probably want a large fee – or at least a large seeming fee to the absolute beginner marketer. When you’re starting out on a budget, you probably think it’s bad enough with $10 a month for  hosting, $20 a month for an autoresponder and when an experienced mentor comes along stating he (or she) wants $500 or $1000 a month (or even per week or per day!) and they cannot guarantee the results, you have to wonder if it would all be worth it.

Alright you will get personal attention from the mentor for that fee. It might just be via their personal email and a weekly teleconference call but it will be ‘the name’ that you talk to and get the experience from. Your chances of big success are very high and you will probably learn a system that is scalable all the way up to the same level as the mentor.

Or you can set you sights a little lower and go with somebody who has a little less experience, is making some money – maybe not in the six figures annually class, but has more than a little familiarity with marketing and plenty of hands on experience and more to your point, doesn’t charge quite so much in fees. You can probably still get the benefit of their personal attention for $100 to $300 a month (still a lot for some people), and you may end up doing just as well as them, then when you get to that sort of earning level you can trade up to the highly successful mentor. Remember that a mentor will still only be able to guide you to the highest level that they have achieved.

It’s a bit like like hiring a band for your function. Do you pay up for the big name chart success band or do you pay for the good covers band who almost look and sound the same?

Or do you get together with a bunch of your mates who can play a bit as well and make your own noise? You can make your own sounds, get it mostly right and although you won’t fool the fans, what you can deliver, you can make a good job of. And the same can go as another choice for marketers too. A bunch of you can get together, trade experiences and ideas, encourage each other, support each other’s releases, and that too will start you on the road to more success.

How you start doesn’t necessarily determine how you’ll finish. How determined you are is part of that as is how good the guidance you get. Many of the big name mentors have a lower cost, pre-recorded course which contains most of the essential outlines and the more organised ones will have support staff to help run the course. Not quite the top guy’s personal attention, but it will be someone he’s trained.

Part of the motivation for your success will be the amount you’ve put in, in money as well as effort. If you’ve handed over a couple of thousand dollars in one lump sum you’ll find your mind is concentrated wonderfully on making a success. Far more than if you’ve only pushed a couple of hundred – less than you’d spent on your last weekend away.

Whichever path you choose, you are more likely to be a success that if you stay working alone. Having other people in regular contact who will listen to your promises and declarations of intent, and hold you to them is a great boost. Social media groups, even blog posts like this one and others I’ve made, get comments and these comments are incentives to write more to keep the people coming back which, in the end, will make me feel more of a success. Success that I’m willing to share with you.

Thank you, good readers. Please feel free to comment below. Have I inspired you to go out and find a mentor? To be a mentor? Or am I talking pure drivel? Over to you.