The ShoeMoney Course – Marketing Mentoring Made Easy

The first thing I’m going to start with (and this course will probably get many more mentions) is The ShoeMoney Course. Put together by Joel Shoemaker, this is an inspiring course, with very easy step by step video instructions on how to put together a money making website, and even better, Joel pays you for taking steps along the way, so you will earn while you learn. Nothing is forced or hammered at you and while each of the early videos is only a couple of minutes or so, everything you need to know is there for you.

You can go back through previous steps, if you feel you need to re-experience something you’ve already been taught, but you cannot jump ahead which keeps you nicely in check and stops you getting confused when you try to take in ideas that you’re not so ready for just yet.

Once you’ve started, you can also earn a bit more by introducing other people to the course. All of the visitors you send get registered and any that sign up and complete some steps also earn you some small amounts. The further you go through the course, the larger the percentage you get – especially as you sign up to various things through Joel’s links as do the visitors you send.

The technique of training people, apparently for free, but getting them to sign up through your affiliate links is not new. Just about every free training manual does the same sort of thing, but very few take it as far as Joel and actually return some of their affiliate earnings to their subscribers.

This course is actually best for brand new newbies – Those who have not made any start in internet marketing, since anyone who has made a start will almost certainly have a domain name, hosting and an autoresponder. The stages are laid out so that you cannot jump ahead, which is good, although provided you take each of the steps, you can work at any pace you wish. Fast or slow, you are not hassled by emails telling you to crack on or ease up.

So to round up for you. The ShoeMoney Course is free to join to help you take your first steps in successful internet marketing. You get paid while you play and you will learn what you really need to know to start your online marketing career.