Turbo Tweet Multiplier – Reaching Out Further

Turbo Tweet Multiplier – Reaching Out Further by Getting Retweets

We all know that social media sharing is a great way to get a message out way beyond our normal reach. If we can ask, convince or bribe someone else to share on their page then we have an extra number of people who will see our message and there is also the implied endorsement of the person who has shared. One of the best platforms for encouraging sharing is Twitter using retweets.

Of course, retweets can get retweeted again by other people and so the message can go viral, but these have to be a special kind of message – something that really grabs readers attentions and says that “I want you to see this too”. Think about Ellen DeGeneres’ all star photo from an awards ceremony. Retweeted around the world several times and now famous, just for that fact let alone who else was in the picture.

How can we, as marketers replicate that sort of interest in tweeting our message in the first place?

Simple – we add a reward to the person who does a tweet for us. They get their reward immediately after the tweet. Then we use their details to retweet the message daily for the next 20 days. That ensures that pretty much everyone on their Twitter feed will see that message and if they see it repeated so much then they will be sure that it is worth while following up. They come to your page, decide they want the reward as well. They also tweet for the reward for the next 20 days to their followers. Can you see how this would send even the most ordinary message to a state of viral awareness?

What to choose as a reward? Well your visitors should know what they’re coming to your blog for. You came here for marketing tips and you’re specifically reading now about Twitter marketing, so if I were to offer a reward then it would be social media marketing related and I would find a report or video that gave you more ideas on that topic. If your niche is different then you would select something else, but related to your niche.

Turbo Tweet Multiplier – WordPress Plugin

By now, you’re probably itching to know if there is a miracle piece of software that can offer a reward in return for tweeting about the page and then retweeting it for the next 20 days and of course there is. It’s called Turbo Tweet Multiplier and it’s a WordPress plugin. It installs as easily as any other WordPress plugin and only takes a bit of configuring before it’s ready to go. There is an instructional video and written instructions are included as well. You merely add your giveaway and put a shortcode in the appropriate place of your post. People will click on a button which pops up a ready written tweet for them and they hit the Tweet button. They return to the original page to find a download unlocked for them. They collect their reward and leave happy.

Meanwhile, for the next 20 days, the plugin will retweet the page on their behalf – much the same as many websites already do – ensuring that they are doing their bit to share your message which will bring in more people to you page to do it all again.

Now you might think there are already plugins that do this, like Social Locker which locks part of a page until a social share has been made, but they only share once. Turbo Tweet Multiplier does it 20 times, vastly increasing the reach of your message and the chances of it being seen.

The price of Turbo Tweet Multiplier is only $10 which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a very low cost for something as powerful as this. It doesn’t have to be used for marketing either. Use it for any post you want to share. You’re rewarding sharers and they are helping you. It’s a win-win situation.


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