Web Traffic – A House of Cards?

“You might say that. I couldn’t possibly comment” – Francis Urquhart’s response to a reporter in the UK political drama – House of Cards.

Internet marketing can sometimes revolve around that remark. You can say something, repeating what you’ve read on another site, what you heard in a webinar or saw in a document, but some people don’t want to be seen believing that it might be true, especially if it might affect their income. However, there are times when it pays to react early to a story or rumour, especially when it comes to getting traffic to your site(s).

We’re told that Facebook is now changing some its algorithms for which posts will be shown to which people on your friends list. Now whilst most people are complaining that they should be the ones choosing what they see, others were just adapting their behaviours so it fitted in with what Facebook wanted, whether they liked the ideas or not. Who now will be making sure that their posts are seen? Not the complainers, that’s for sure.

The big guns control web traffic, and like it or not that will continue to be the case, and all most of us can do is bend to their will or go with traffic that we can control. That would be our email list. Yes we need to pander to their needs, in fact we had better do a good job of it and getting them so that they will open our emails more often would be a great start, better still, open our emails, read them and react to them would be even better. So how best to do that?

Why not try asking them? A little survey perhaps with a reward at the end of a free ebook or 10 minute training video (something you would have given out anyway) is an ideal start. GetResponse users are off to a flying start there as this Email Management Facility (it seems to undersell them to merely call them an autoresponder company) can build them into your messages, or just construct something at SurveyMonkey.com and send them there. A good survey offers fixed choices for the most part with a free text comments box at the end, but it will give you plenty of information about what your subscribers want to see from you. There are several marketers who base entire products on what their surveys have discovered, so it can work for you too.

You might argue that you can control traffic from solo ads too, but in the end those emails don’t come from you, even if they’re on your behalf. Until those people sign up to your list, you cannot say that you can cater to their needs.

The other old favourites, forum, blog comment and social media traffic all depend on other people driving traffic to the event or them being found, usually accidentally and they still require an extra click to come your way. All very unreliable.

So stick with your email list. Let them know the good things that can happen to them if they stick with you. Look after them carefully, for they are the lifeblood of your business and while they thrive, you will survive.

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