Well Crafted Emails and the Art of the Autoresponder

How To Make Your Email List Work For You

If you are a marketer you should really be building an email list. A vital part of having an email list is to contact your subscribers regularly with several things in your mind:

  1. Building up a rapport with your subscribers. This is part of the ‘know, like & trust’ factor you need to get over to your subscribers to turn them into customers. You should have gained a little of this with a good giveaway on your squeeze page or some informative articles if they are subscribing from your blog or social media pages. The key here is to be yourself as much as possible as, even through writing, people can tell when you are being false. If you feel your personality could do with a sparkle, then do so in a way that feels natural to you. Even the dullest person can jazz up their life a little, without it seeming like you are the drunk life and (ar)soul of the party.
  2. Giving value to your subscribers. They might have come for the free gift and they might get to know you through your insights into your life, but they will stay because they believe you have something to teach them, something to make their life or their marketing a little better. You don’t have to (not should you) ‘give away the farm’ and tell them everything, but you can hint that there are different or better ways of doing things. This can be mixed in with reason 3, but should not be confused for it!
  3. Making money. This is the reason why you became a marketer. It is nice to help people, gives you a warm glow if you occasionally do it for free, but warm glows don’t pay the bills. Selling things does. Too often, marketers use ‘making a sales offer’ with ‘giving value’. In my mind, they are not the same thing. To give value you should educate and entertain on that page. If you can further that interest with a recommended product, that’s fine, but don’t use the offer solely as the education. (In my humble opinion).

The best way to start with your subscribers is with the first few emails from your autoresponder, as soon as they sign up. Yes, your first email should confirm their free download and have instructions for whitelisting your email, but even there, there is still room for some humanisation and personality building. Don’t make your first email sound robotic otherwise they’ll be leaving before they start.

In the internet marketing world, it is quite usual to send an email every day. Outside of this niche, every other day up to weekly is probably more usual, but, if you are sending information that people want to read, enjoy reading and react favourably to, then there is no reason why you couldn’t email more frequently and not lose subscribers any faster than you might have done otherwise.

Oh yes. You will lose subscribers. It’s a fact of email marketing life. Sometimes people just don’t resonate with your style of writing. Don’t worry about them. They probably wouldn’t have bought anything from you anyway since the ‘know, like & trust’ factor isn’t all there. Move on and collect more subscribers who do like your ways. Your list will build if you put the right effort into it.

If you’re not a natural email writer then it may be a good idea to copy a successful one – using their emails as a basis for your own (and not just copying them wholesale).

One such good email writer is Andy Waring who has released a product called AR Treasure Trove. This is a collection of all the emails Andy sent in 2016, ones that earned him a great deal of rapport with his subscribers, but also a good deal of income. The front-end package provides you with 187 emails for you to study, adapt and use in whatever way you see fit. These are all emails that inform, educate, entertain and sell, all the things that need to be done and that will transform you (in your subscriber’s eyes) from JAFM (Just Another Flipping Marketer) to Expert.

Autoresponder Treasure Trove

Once you are perceived as an expert, it becomes easier to attract more people to your email list and therefore easier for you to make more money too.

Having a collection of pre-written email is a huge time-saver too. It takes me 20-30 minutes to craft each email I write to my list, and I’ve had a lot of practice (and I still don’t always get it right). With Andy’s collection, it will reduce my inspiration and writing time to 10 minutes, saving me over 40 hours per year. That’s 40 hours more I can spend with my family or doing other marketing research or helping others. Time is one resource that once you’ve spent it, you will never get it back! Anything that can save us time is something to be leapt upon and taken use of.

One thing I always offer is my personal assistance. If you buy a product and find it difficult to get started with, then email me and I’m more than willing to help you. I help you progress and I gain a little more in reputation, so it works out good for both of use.

So take a good look at AR Treasure Trove and see what it, and the bonuses that Andy is throwing in too (as well as the extra bonuses I offer as well) will do to help you.

And if you need my help, just ask.

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