What’s Done in July and What’s Coming in September

What’s Done in July and What’s Coming in September

Well here we are, half way through August and there’s a few things to tell you about.

As you might have seen in previous posts, July’s big thing was the Quick Start Challenge. Technically I didn’t learn a lot although I did make a whole heap of new friends and added a slew of new blogs to my RSSOwl list. (See this post for more details about RSSOwl). It will be interesting to see how many are still maintaining their blogs in 3 , 6, 9 and 12 months time.

At least 2 offshoot groups have sprung out of Quick Start Challenge. The first was a 10 member group (that may expand) to continue the mutual help in internet marketing theme – just in case Dean Holland & co decide to kick us all off in preparation for the next QSC and also 6 of us formed another offshoot group to produce a new product between us. The range of experience varies from brand new to ‘we knew the internet when it went screeech’ and between us we’ve come up with a plan to take us forward and which will be a long term provider of training and support. The planning is still in the early stages, but we’re progressing very well for a diverse, world separated group. There will be more here in future, so stay tuned to keep in touch.

Writing, Write more Letters

I made an appeal within the QSC group for some guest post swaps, where they would write a post for me and I’d write a post for them. I give the following guidelines for a guest post:

  • An original article of 450+ words on any internet marketing topic.
  • 1 to 3 images – must be free for publication use.
  • No more than 2 related affiliate links
  • A reasonable number of external authority links (Wikipedia or known IM blogs or similar)
  • 1 or 2 related videos (does not have to be by the post author)
  • Resource box containing author’s name, contact email and home blog URL

I got a lot of initial interest but people need reminders, so I’ll be posting in the group soon to keep them going. I have also had a request for a guest post from outside of the group. I had a look at the applicant’s site and the latest 20 posts were all reviews which was not what I’d want to see. However going back a little further and I find some good information, so it looks like he will get his chance. Look out for Frank’s post very soon.

Affiliate sales, Affiliate Videos Where Do They Work Best at Affili…
Affiliate sales, Affiliate Videos Where Do They Work Best at Affili…—affiliatesummit (Flickr.com)

I’ve made a few more affiliate sales – enough to pay for hosting and an autoresponder but still not enough to retire on, so I’ll keep going, keeping you all informed about good things to do, bad things to avoid and fun to be had on t’internet.

Keep your eyes open for our new product project and for guest posts appearing here in the near future. I’ll also let you know where my guest posts will be appearing too.

Steven Lucas

I'm offering a lot of internet marketing information along with product reviews and a few giveaways. Feel free to share your information with me so together we cna help more people become successful.

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