Where Are You Sending Your Sign Ups?

Where Are You Sending Your Sign Ups?

If it’s not too odd a question. Just where are you sending your sign ups? The people who have given you their name and email address. Do you send them straight to their download immediately they hit the Submit button? Do they go to a ‘thank you’ page that says that they need to confirm their opt in? And does it matter?

How you treat your subscribers in the first few minutes of getting their details is how you begin a relationship with them. Until they filled in your autoresponder form, they didn’t really know you and to you, they were just one of a (hopefully large) stream of visitors to your squeeze page. You know it’s taken some effort and maybe some money to get them there, so you should now do your utmost to keep them. What’s the best way of doing that?

Well you probably offered them a nice bribe up front if they signed up for your list, so it would be a good idea to either send it to them directly or let them know where they can obtain it and in my humble opinion the best thing to do is send them straight to where they can get at it.

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Now I know at this point, if you have single opt in, that they may have just dumped any old email address on you or even a false one, but if your download mentions your site or a paid offer, there’s still a chance of them getting there eventually, but if tricking you was their intention, then they probably wouldn’t have been good buyers either and it’s no great loss if they’re not on your list.

Does this mean you should go for double opt-in? I would say this depends on your niche. If you’re in the Internet Marketing niche then no, leave it as single opt-in and take the chances of dead email boxes and bounces. A good autoresponder will weed them out anyway. Almost any other niche though, especially any female dominated one (health, weight, relationships), go for the extra layer of trust that double opt in brings. Idiots won’t then spoil your lists and you know you have definitely interested people who are willing to take the 2 steps to get your information.

What else should be on your download page? My suggestion is not more than one paid offer and even that should be discrete. It’s easy to slam affiliate offer after affiliate offer and bury the free download somewhere down the bottom so that people have to scroll past everything to get to it, but think about it. If a friend offers you something for free but sticks it at the back of their shop so you have to walk past everything else (as opposed to giving you your something ‘up front’), would you think of him as a real friend? Of course not. You want your subscribers to think of you as their friend, so be friendly.

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It might surprise you to find out that only 25% of free gifts are ever collected and that includes subscribers who are sent directly to the download page, so your first couple of autoresponder emails should remind subscribers of the download link and this should be the only link on these emails too. Introduce yourself a bit more and make them pure information. There’s no need to be a killer salesman in every email. Set up a routine – “I’ll be sending you some more information every couple of days / once a week”, whatever your email routine is, in the minds of your new friends so they know when to look out for you.

If your autoresponder supports any sort of automation (Get Response and Aweber certainly do. MailChimp is a bit more limited but still effective), then set up email sequences based on who opened a previous email. For instance…

You have a killer product to sell, whether it’s your own or an affiliate product, but you want to have the best response possible to it.

  1. You send an email to your entire list explaining a problem (that the product will solve).
  2. You stream (via automation) anyone who opens the email onto a separate list.
  3. You set up the hint of a solution to email one’s problem ONLY to this separate list. These subscribers are nor primed for the answer you are going to provide. If you had sent this email to your entire list you might have got readers who had NOT read the first email and would be confused by seeing a thought of resolution to a problem they might not know existed. Confused people don’t buy, but they might unsubscribe.
  4. You can now send a third email to people on your sub-list knowing that they are aware of the problem, aware there is a solution and are primed to receive it. This third email need only contain information about the offer and your affiliate link.

By splitting interested people like this off you cause less confusion amongst your subscribers, you get higher ‘open’ percentages and fewer unsubscribes. You are also not showing offers to people who might not be interested in them (yet). All good things for you in the long run.

One final tip here… Don’t be afraid to communicate with your subscribers. Don’t let them forget who you are by never emailing them. Even if you only pass on a short idea or tip, or even just let them know of your latest post, contact them on a regular basis, otherwise they’ll soon forget who you are and why they signed up with you. And that will never do!

Do you have any good ways of using your autoresponder facilities. Do you have any good tricks on where you send your sign ups? Do you have an email problem that you need some help with? Mention them in the comments box below and share them with the other readers.

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