WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies

WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies

Now don’t get too excited. I’m not going to spend the next few posts giving a WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies tutorial, but having started on the Quick Start Challenge, I’ve seen that a great number of people who are brand new to internet marketing need some help in getting a WordPress blog set up and have the basics of marketing explained to them.

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Now for the people on the training course there were a number of videos in the membership area giving the members all the help they needed, which is great if you have access to the membership area, but not so great if you’ve never heard of the challenge or have found out that it’s months away before the next one starts – or even if it will ever be run again. This is not good for WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies. They need training now.

There’s also a huge number of questions that new marketers ask time and time again – and it’s nearly always the same few questions, or at least the answers will be the same.

My solution to this is a new website that will take over the basic tutorial side of this one. I’ll carry on with more advanced training and ideas here, but http://www.MarketingMentorSteven.com will be the place to go for new starters, confused people and ones who want to go back to the basics. I will put support in place for the new site but it won’t be as interactive as this one in that I won’t be allowing comments and once it’s up and running, it won’t need much in the way of maintaining.

I’ll start with a section on WordPress and, as and when I can, I’ll add other basic marketing tips, so that people can come back here or buy more advanced products and begin to have a clue as to what they’re being taught. This will also be a terrific outlet for some of the WordPress PLR I’ve been collecting (once it’s been revamped of course) so I won’t have to write everything from scratch. I’m bound to upset a few people as they have been selling this stuff for years, sometimes at well inflated prices, even though the information is freely available elsewhere – if only new starters knew what to search for. For example…

Hopefully the basics of WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies on http://www.MarketingMentorSteven.com won’t take too long to get going – at least the first few videos can go up, even if they’ve got somebody else’s voice on for the moment and I can go over them again later and the same with some tutorial articles. People are going to be directed there from other places so I don’t have to worry too much just yet about Google penalties for duplicate content as I don’t try to rank for SEO. This niche is way too competitive for that. I do want to personalise things so that I do increase brand ‘Steven Lucas’, but I’m more interested in helping people with WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies on this new site than ranking high.

I could do with an assistant though, if somebody wants to offer. You must have good WordPress experience and be happy with FTP. In exchange I’d allow you to put your own affiliate links in the sidebar and if the site gets popular then I’m sure we could arrange something more. What I can’t afford to do is pay or take too much time to do training. It would be for the experience mostly. I bet I don’t get many offers!

Must get cracking. I have an aircraft booked for tomorrow to show off my flying skills whilst recording a video for Quick Start Challenge. I left it too long almost, but I do want to keep up with the challenge, especially since there is a great prize on offer for one of the videos.

One last thing for dedicated readers who have made it this far down the post. Here’s a free report that includes links to 7 (yes seven) training videos on product creation. Just CLICK HERE to download the pdf file and enjoy.

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I'm offering a lot of internet marketing information along with product reviews and a few giveaways. Feel free to share your information with me so together we cna help more people become successful.

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