You Do Realise That Christmas Is Only 6 Weeks Away?

Yes for the Christians out there, the season of high spending and frivolity is only a month and a half away. This means that you should be planning your Winter campaigns to be released in the next few days, especially if you plan to release your own products. But what if you don’t have any ideas for topics and products to release or promote?

The most obvious target market is the newbie marketer – I mean the brand new newbie. Just got a computer and has heard you can make money that way. To grab these people you need very simplified products, probably at low cost although with a good funnel of increasing hand holding and content. Pretty much the same as the rest of the year. You’ll need to steer clear of complex ideas like tracking so that you don’t confuse them before they get started but it needs to be more than ‘sign up for Clickbank and promote your links’. The newbie will need deep explanations but they need to be as simple as possible and in as many formats as you can manage. Some people learn better by reading, some by watching and some by listening, so cover as many of the bases as possible. Screen captures are ideal or even just presentations with a voice over for your video, so no need to think of slick, professional looking, schoolroom background lectures.

Another target market is family life and ways of improving this. Relationship advice for couples is rare at the moment although plenty is available for singles of people wanting to get back with an estranged partner. Tell them that prevention is better than cure and usually so very much cheaper. If you’ve got some good ideas, get them out there and make some great products from it.

Entertaining young children, communicating with teenagers and older family should also be good topics and although not a natural thought before Christmas, they may become an idea for just after family get-togethers, where the wrong things have been said and some reconciliation may be necessary.

The natural post-Christmas target market is that of diet, health and New Year’s Resolutions. Again, this is an evergreen niche anyway, but making it a special target for the pre-Xmas market means that your name might be at the forefront of somebody’s mind when they get to the post Xmas realisation.

And that last sentence is probably the most important one. Keeping your name as the first one to be thought of when an internet requirement comes up. Keep up the the free value of advice and products before you even ask for somebody’s money so that your public will know that anything you offer is going to be good. Self branding, no matter what  your niche, is going to be your best bet for keeping earning over the quieter New Year period.

As always, any comments you want to drop in will be very welcome. Do you have good niche ideas especially for this season? Is 6 weeks beforehand too late, too early or about right? Let the readership know below and remember that all your links are ‘DoFollow’ for that extra SEO bonus.