You Get What You Want By Helping Others Get What They Want

You Get What You Want By Helping Others Get What They Want

Sounds a little trite when you hear that phrase at first. The general apparent rule of thumb in the world seems to be “All for one, and the one is ME” which is great if you’re ‘The One’, but not so great if you’re the guy in second place. Fortunately, the world doesn’t work the way it ‘apparently’ does.

You will get a lot further if you go in with the attitude of ‘I’m going to help someone today’. Why? Because gratitude to you means that you become known, liked and trusted, which means you then have the opportunity to help the same people again, or those people will recommend others because of your helpful attitude. And no one says that your helping others has to be free. if you are solving a problem, people are often willing to pay for an easy, one-stop, on-a-plate solution to their problem. What’s even better is that if you are trusted then your solution doesn’t even have to be the cheapest one on offer.

Helping others, A Helping Hand

Now you may be able to see how this relates to internet marketing. Let’s say you have a solution to a given problem – it doesn’t matter what that problem is – you know that this problem exists and that people (preferably a LOT of people) have the problem and would like a solution. You offer your solution at a price – but nobody knows who you are. If nobody knows you then nobody can like you (it’s not your underarm deodorant, this time) or trust you. So how do you get round this problem of helping others?

You hit their baser instinct.You offer part of your solution for free. Inside your free partial solution is an understanding of their problem – so they know you empathise with them. You are someone like them, and people like people like them. Your free partial solution also tells them the beginning of the help that they need. You’re now helping them which means you are gaining their like and trust. The final part of your partial solution takes them to where they can buy the full solution. If you like, your free gift has pre-sold both you and your full price product. Assuming that you did a good job of starting to solve their problem, they will be eager to try out your full solution to their full problem.

There’s also two further benefits. When, in future, the buyer has a similar problem, guess who he will turn to first? You of course. Your excellent solution to his first problem makes you a known, liked and trusted expert, so he will turn to you for his next solution too. Secondly, he will be telling his friends what an expert you are, and his word of mouth recommendation means that your offers come with an endorsed head start when they need something too.

So. Make sure that you have an excellent product that solves a problem and does it well. This is no time to be half hearted, especially if this is your cheapest product. In fact, your cheapest product needs to be your absolute best. It is your reputation builder. It is where people get to know you and if it IS good, they will like and trust you too, especially if they see you helping others too. Put all your effort into this low-cost, introductory product.

Make sure your freebie is equally as good in quality and just complete enough to tease, to offer the beginnings of an answer, to show you are an expert, without being the complete answer. It’s the showbiz adage – ‘Always leave them wanting more’, and make sure that your first product is the ‘more’ that they are wanting. It’s a fine balance – enough to let them be drawn in, without giving away the farm. But you can do it. Purely by helping others get what they want.

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